Jose Mourinho-Paul Pogba feud is a 'stupid situation' for Manchester United - Dimitar Berbatov - New Gersy

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Jose Mourinho-Paul Pogba feud is a 'stupid situation' for Manchester United - Dimitar Berbatov

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Dimitar Berbatov has called on Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba to resolve their differences in private and not through the media for the good of Manchester United.

The relationship between the United boss and his costliest player has become more and more strained in recent days.

Pogba, UN agency reportedly needs to go away recent Trafford and be part of the city, aforesaid once Saturday's home draw with Wolves that United ought to "attack, attack, attack", resulting in Mourinho remotion the midfielder of the vice-captaincy.

Mourinho denied any fall-out with Pogba, however, footage has emerged of a tense-looking discussion between the try at coaching on Wed morning. The 25-year-old barrel hands with coach Michael Carrick and another United worker, before wanting to be bowled over by one thing Mourinho aforesaid.

Pogba was then seen having associate degree apparently browned off the discussion with the manager.

Berbatov, a striker at recent Trafford between 2008 and 2012, told Betfair: "If you're a captain or vice-captain, you are a lot of usually than not speaking on behalf of the players, and there's nothing wrong with giving the manager your thoughts.

"But this should not be drained the media - it helps no one for these arguments to compete move into the public. aside from the media themselves of course!

"In fashionable soccer, players square measure terribly powerful, they're the celebrities of the show. It's traditional for them to own opinions, however, they have to be protected.

"I'm extremely stunned it has to be compelled to this stage. this kind of factor extremely has to be unbroken in-house. you are all grown-ups, figure it move into the room.

"For Mourinho to own gone as way as removing the vice position, Pogba should have aggravated him - whether or not it absolutely was the comments once the Wolves game or one thing else. however, these arguments have an effect on everyone else and begin having an effect on the pitch.

"As somebody UN agency needs Manchester United to try to well, I am bored stiff of rousing and seeing these headlines. soccer ought to be concerning what happens on the pitch, not UN agency has the largest d***. it is a stupid state of affairs."

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Source: Evening Standard

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