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Florida State's Offense Looks Lethargic in Willie Taggart's Debut Against Virginia Tech

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Even when losing Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M, Everglade State State was presupposed to be ready to restore from a 2017 season once everything went wrong, beginning with a national holiday pairing against Virginia technical school. 

However, when Willie Taggart had one in all the foremost fatal coaching job debuts in recent memory, the Seminoles have even a lot of inquiries to answer. Here ar 3 thoughts from the Hokies’ 24–3 win at Doak mythologist bowl.

1. Taggart has known as his offense “lethal simplicity.” On Monday, it had been lethal—for the Seminoles.

Perhaps he must create it easier, as a result of occasionally, Everglade State State’s offense looked as if it hadn’t practiced. 

The Seminoles couldn’t block a run play in the least for the primary 3 quarters, and whereas quarterback Deondre Francois had his moments through the air, he spent abundant of that point attempting to avoid rushers United Nations agency had return free. 

Florida State had gained fifteen speeding yards on twenty-four Associate in Nursing attempt|tries} before Cam Akers ripped off an 85-yard run with 11:36 remaining within the fourth quarter.

 That run discovered the Seminoles with first-and-goal from the 6-yard line, however, they followed it with maybe their most pathetic set of downs of the night. 

On initial down, Akers carried for no gain. On second down, Francois threw to end Tre’ McKitty, United Nations agency was dragged down for a loss of 4. On third down, Akers took the snap from the wildcat, however, the Seminoles fumbled the exchange on a scan choice and Virginia technical school recovered. 

At that time, Virginia technical school defenders had combined for thirteen tackles for losses. “We did it to ourselves,” Taggart same. 

The Hokies had a disruptive offseason, losing 3 prospective defensive starters and another key player on high of losing four NFL draftees—including 2 first-rounders—and 2 a lot of NFL signees. however, even with the associate inexperienced cluster, the Hokies dominated on it the facet of the ball. 

Virginia technical school defensive arranger Bud Foster has had a protracted and accomplished career packed with glorious performances from his unit, however, Monday could go down together of Foster’s finest games.

2. Virginia technical school controlled the sport from the primary possession. 

Virginia technical school marched down the sector when receiving the gap kickoff. The Seminoles looked helpless because the Hokies averaged seven.5 yards a play on the drive and reached the top zone on a pretty 10-yard pass from rag Jackson to Damon Hazelton.

After Seminoles receiver Nyqwan Murray gave the ball back to the Hokies with a fumble, Virginia technical school tailback Deshawn McClease ripped off a 23-yard run. 

The Everglade State State defense seemed to get its bearings at that time. Jackson’s next 3 passes fell incomplete, and also the Hokies settled for a 29-yard Brian Johnson field goal.

The Hokies additional another touchdown within the second quarter when end Chris Merce Cunningham blocked Logan Tyler’s punt. The ball squirted into the air, wherever receiver Eric Kumah caught it and ran it certain  a touchdown. 

Virginia technical school didn’t got to score once more, however Kumah additional a 49-yard touchdown catch within the fourth quarter to pour it on a lot of.

3. The Seminoles couldn’t profit of the restricted possibilities they'd.

Florida State’s Murray seemed to score at the top of a 30-yard reception midway through the second quarter, however officers marked him down at the 1-yard line. 

Had Everglade State State waited a couple of beats before attempting to run subsequent play, officers may need to be reviewed the play. 

If they'd, the review official may need to be dominated that Murray’s knee wasn't down.

 It appeared that he rolled across a Virginia technical school football player and into the top zone. however, the Seminoles tried to run their next play quickly. 

They were flagged for a false begin, and also the previous play was now not eligible to be reviewed. 

Everglade State State then sputtered through 3 plays before Ricky Aguayo kicked a 22-yard field goal to finally get the Seminoles on the board. “They same they were reviewing it,” Taggart same. Taggart same a political candidate told him it had been not a touchdown.

The sequence was emblematic of the night for Everglade State State. The Seminoles truly outgained the Hokies 327 yards to 319, however they sounded like they'd barely been coached.

Florida State’s offense spent most of the third and fourth quarters secured against its own finish zone. once Virginia technical school got the ball, the Hokies didn’t got to gain several yards as a result of they'd such smart field position. 

The Seminoles can got to work to prevent let alone such a large amount of hidden yards. however that’s only one pile on a mountain of problems that require addressing.

Source: https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/09/03/florida-state-beats-virginia-tech-acc-willie-taggart

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