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​VR and AR smart glasses? Businesses still can't see the point

Businesses are still struggling to see the benefits of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), despite the billions being poured into developing hardware and applications by vendors.

Technology research firm CCS Insight estimates that just 24,000 AR smart glasses units were purchased by business in 2017.

"The potential of this technology is evident, however up to now most firms ar evaluating some units to ascertain however the technology fits into their operations," aforementioned patron saint Jijiashvili, CCS Insight's senior analyst for wearables.

AR is sometimes thought-about a stronger acceptable business as a result of the headsets permit users to ascertain the important world with digital objects overlain. 

This will be helpful in eventualities like maintenance, wherever engineers got to see the machinery they're performing on also because the procedures required to repair it, or for architects performing on new options of a building.

CCS Insight predicts that over successive few years businesses can move from restricted trials to wider readying, with sales reaching a meg units in 2022: that is a giant variety, however still small compared to outlay on smartphones or laptops, suggesting that, a minimum of for business, AR can stay a distinct segment technology for a few time.

However, CCS Insight aforementioned that shopper good glasses can be additional prosperous, predicting sales of four.5 million in 2020 -- though, as Jijiashvili noted, one variable is any potential Apple result.

"It solely takes a giant company like Apple to leap into the market and that we can be staring at market of various good glasses in no time in the least," he said.

CCS Insight predicts total sales of twenty-two million VR and AR headsets and glasses in 2018.

Looking ahead, the analyst firm expects sales to extend fifty p.c a year over successive 5 years. By 2022, that may quantity to a complete of 121 million units, with a market price of $9.9bn.

However, the majority of these sales are going to be comparatively basic headsets -- those wherever users got to place their smartphone within to create it work -- instead of additional refined standalone devices.

Those basic headsets tend to be pretty low cost (as low as £10 at the entry level), therefore whereas they'll structure the bulk of the sales, the costlier dedicated devices can account for sixty three p.c of the overall market price.

VR is often touted because the next huge issue in technology however has nonetheless to create the breakthrough, thanks partially to serious and ponderous hardware, high costs, and a scarcity of compelling content. 

Right now, even fans of VR appear disenchanted by this state of the technical school and therefore the business, and that is before unresolved considerations regarding VR privacy ar addressed .

Most of the interest in VR remains focused around play, though CCS Insight notes that different use cases ar emerging: virtual tourism; remote participation in events like music concerts or sporting events; or just look video, that is proving fashionable on smartphone-based headsets. 

Jijiashvili aforementioned that standalone headsets may facilitate broaden the charm of video game, notably with businesses and in education.

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