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iPhone X global profits alone beat all Apple's rivals and it's not even close

The iPhone X accounted for 35 percent of worldwide smartphone profits in the last quarter of 2017, despite reports of slower than usual sales and even though it was only available for two months.

The estimate comes from a replacement report by Counterpoint analysis, that says the iPhone X generated 5 times additional profit than the combined profits of over vi,000 robot OEMs throughout the quarter.

Apple overall fared well compared with the hand-held business, that saw worldwide profits shrink simple fraction year over year. Apple's profits grew simple fraction year over year.

Taking into thought all iPhone models, Apple raked in eighty six p.c of world telephone set profits, with the iPhone eight and iPhone eight and accounting for nineteen.1 p.c and one5.2 percent, severally. Meanwhile, last year's iPhone seven and iPhone seven and along accounted for eleven.2 p.c of profits.

This continues the pattern of Apple dominating telephone set business profits whereas robot OEMs fight over as very little as ten p.c of the remaining profits.

Of the highest ten phones by profit within the quarter, the sole non-iPhone devices within the list ar Samsung's Galaxy Note eight and Galaxy S8 and, that had a share of three.9 p.c and one.7 percent, severally.

Apple hasn't discovered what percentage of the $1,000 iPhone X units it oversubscribed in this autumn 2017, however same in its Q1 report that it's been the top-selling iPhone since it began shipping in November. Apple reported  $61.5bn in iPhone revenues for the quarter, up thirteen p.c year over year. Analyst firm Canalys calculable it shipped twenty nine million iPhone X units within the quarter.

Despite many money analysts decreasing Q1 2018 iPhone X sales forecasts, in some cases to as few as fourteen million units, Counterpoint analysis Analyst, Karn Chauhan, reckons there is still space for the iPhone X's share of profits to grow.

"The iPhone X alone generated twenty one p.c of total business revenue and thirty five p.c of total business profits throughout the quarter and its share is probably going to grow because it advances any into its life cycle," same Chauhan.


"Additionally, the longer time period of all iPhones ensured that Apple still has eight out of the highest 10 smartphones, together with its three-year-old models, generating the foremost profits compared with current competitive  smartphones from alternative OEMs."

Apple's success suggests that even iPhones that ar 2 generations behind the present models ar still additional profitable than new handsets from Chinese OEMs, that jointly generated revenues of $1.3bn within the quarter. Huawei was the highest entertainer in China, per Counterpoint analysis.

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