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Apple's memo warning employees about leaking information is predictably leaked

An internal memo warning Apple employees that leaking information could result in legal action and criminal charges has, rather predictably, been leaked.

The memo, which was seen by Bloomberg, claims that Apple "caught 29 leakers" last year alone, and that of those, 12 were arrested.

The note goes on to mention that "leaked info a few new product will negatively impact sales of the present model," which it will "give rival corporations longer to start on a competitive response; and result in fewer sales of that new product once it arrives."

"We need the possibility to inform our customers why the merchandise is nice, and not have that done poorly by some other person," Greg Joswiak, AN Apple product promoting government, is quoted as oral communication within the note.

The note conjointly details what happens to leakers WHO square measure caught.

"Leakers don't merely lose their jobs at Apple. In some cases, they face jail time and big fines for network intrusion and felony of trade secrets each classified as federal crimes."

It appears that the threat of even severe penalties wasn't enough to stay news of the note from unseaworthy.

The note goes as way on name AN outlet that had been receiving info regarding future product.

"Global Security's digital forensics conjointly helped catch many workers WHO were feeding confidential details regarding new product as well as iPhone X, iPad professional and AirPods to a blogger at 9to5Mac."


The full text of the note is scan over at Bloomberg.

Apple includes a men of a hundred thirty five,000, and one in all the most important and most convoluted provide chains within the business, thus clamping down on leaks goes to be onerous. 

And if the company's efforts in 2017 square measure something to travel by, it is a battle that the Cupertino big appears to be losing.

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