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Apple exploring touchless control, curved iPhone screens: Report


Apple is working on new iOS gestures, touchless gesture controls, and curved iPhone screens for use in potential device releases, according to Bloomberg.

The report details Apple is testing a new gesture technology able to take into account the proximity of a finger to the iPhone's screen. 

In early testing, the touchless gesture controls would enable iPhone users to complete "some tasks" without actually having to tap the screen. However, it's not clear how the new gestures would integrate into iOS software.

Bloomberg also reported Apple is testing iPhone screens that curve gradually from top to bottom.

 This could be a move by Apple to differentiate itself from the crowded smartphone market. Competitor Samsung curves its flagship Galaxy phones horizontally.

The report aforesaid Apple's new gesture management and screen technology may be a minimum of 2 years away, and it is not clear if Apple can really bring the capabilities to plug.

In the close to future, Apple is aiming to extend its OLED show technology found on the iPhone X during a larger half dozen.5-inch iPhone model later this year, consistent with Bloomberg.

This echoes a previous report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo United Nations agency aforesaid Apple can unleash 3 new iPhone models in 2018. 

One iPhone can reportedly feature a five.8-inch screen just like the iPhone X, whereas another can have a bigger half dozen.5-inch screen. All the iPhone models can embody edge-to-edge displays with a notch just like the 2017 iPhone X, the report aforesaid.

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