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Is iPhone X worth buying? Here's why so many iPhone owners say no

An analyst firm keen to predict Apple smartphone sales has asked one,500 iPhone house owners why they haven't bought the $1,000-plus flagship iPhone X.

Ped30's prince Elmer-DeWitt has shared a note particularization the survey by Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson, WHO states that around forty % of the iPhone house owners polled aforesaid they haven't upgraded as a result of the iPhone X is just too expensive  or they like a bigger screen.

That figure breaks all the way down to just below a 3rd of respondents expression the iPhone X is just too expensive , whereas eight % need a larger screen.

However, forty four % aforesaid they haven't upgraded to the iPhone X as a result of their current iPhone works fine, that may mean they may upgrade eventually, or that the new flagship merely is not appealing enough to ditch their existing device. 

An extra seventeen % aforesaid they hadn't upgraded for one more reason.

Apple is anticipated to unharness 3 new iPhones within the fall, and Olson thinks that these can address the customers WHO are suspend by the iPhone X's value and screen size.

The analyst is predicting Apple can sell 233.8 million phones in 2019, however has lowered  its estimate for full-year 2018 sales to 226.3 million from 230 million.

"Based on our survey, that implies an outsized pool of potential iPhone consumers area unit yearning for a bigger screen or lower-priced choice and should, therefore, wait till ensuing batch of devices is out late this year, pushing an outsized share of upgrades into FY19, we tend to area unit slightly lowering FY18 iPhone units, from 230 million to 226.3 million," Olsen wrote.

A Bloomberg report last month aforesaid Apple is about to launch 3 new iPhones, together with its largest-ever iPhone, a refresh of the iPhone X, and a less expensive iPhone X-like device that trades options for a lower cost.

Key to the big-screen edition iPhone of 2018 are that it employs the iPhone X's edge-to-edge style on a tool that is concerning a similar size because the iPhone eight and. it is also expected to feature the iPhone X's Face ID scanner, OLED show, ANd an A12 processor, which can conjointly power the updated iPhone X.

The cheaper iPhone will not feature the dearer OLED within the iPhone X however instead AN {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display and can keep some materials from the iPhone eight instead of the iPhone X's stainless-steel. 

Some Apple analysts expect it to feature a half-dozen.1-inch screen however while not 3D bit.

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