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Apple admits iOS is a mess, has a plan to make it better

Apple admits iOS is a mess, has a plan to make it better

Apple goes to abate the pace at that it crams new options into iOS in favor of pushing out additional polished releases, claims a Bloomberg report.

About time.
If you are associate iPhone or iPad users then you've got little doubt detected that over the past few years there is been a true and heavy decline within the quality of iOS releases. Bugs, starting from show-stoppers to little annoyances to weird bugs that boggle the mind.

I've written at length concerning however it looks like the standard of software system popping out of Apple has deteriorated considerably in recent years.

Now do not get Maine wrong, bugs happen. there isn't any such factor as good code, and generally high-profile security vulnerabilities may end up in patches being pushed out that don't seem to be yet tested as they might be.

I additionally acknowledge that Apple has modified virtually on the far side recognition since Steve was on stage at keynotes telling US however stuff "just works." 

Apple's product square measure much more advanced, the corporate is marketing stuff at a rate that it may have once solely dreamt doing, and therefore the security landscape is completely completely different, and vulnerabilities currently place many countless users in danger.

But on the opposite hand, Apple is not some budget hardware maker pushing stuff out on a shoestring and scrabbling for a razor-thin gross margin. Apple's gross profit margin margin is within the region of thirty eight p.c, a figure that alternative makers will solely dream of.

And Apple is rolling in money.

According to the report, the "renewed target quality is meant to create certain the corporate will fulfill guarantees created every summer at the annual developers conference which new options work faithfully and as publicized ."

Apple admits iOS is a mess, has a plan to make it better

You know, like back within the day once Apple cared enough to ship stuff that worked.

I think that there square measure 2 problems that are golf stroke a pressure on iOS development. the primary is that the aggressive yearly upgrade cycle, wherever Apple desires to wow developers with new options at WWDC each Gregorian calendar month. 

The opposite is that iOS development should confine lockstep with the launch of recent iPhone hardware, and there is no wriggle area. New iOS releases have to be compelled to be out there to load onto new hardware before it ships.

It's a special quite hell that Apple has created for itself through its own aggressive upgrade cycle and large success.

This doesn't mean that iOS development can focus solely on bug fixes. in keeping with the Bloomberg report, there is still a good little bit of new stuff planned, including:

  • A revamped Stocks app
  • Updated version of don't Disturb
  • A additional deeply integrate Siri into the iPhone's search read
  • A design of the interface accustomed import photos into the iPad
  • Improvements that permit 2 individuals to play increased reality games at the same time

And, hopefully, lots fewer bugs!

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