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Catherine Deneuve defends men's 'right to hit on' women

French actress Catherine Deneuve has aforementioned that men ought to be "free to hit on" girls.

She is one in all one hundred French girls UN agency wrote AN letter, warning a few new "puritanism" sparked by recent molestation scandals.

It deplores a wave of "denunciations", following rape allegations created against America film mogul man of science Weinstein.

A group of French feminists condemned the letter, accusive the signatories of trivialising sexual violence.

Mr Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex, however has admitted that his behaviour has "caused lots of pain".

What will the letter say?
The letter by French girls writers, performers and lecturers was printed in France's lupus erythematosus Monde newspaper on Tuesday.

"Men are penalised summarily, forced out of their jobs once all they did was bit someone's knee or attempt to steal a kiss," it said.

"Rape could be a crime, however attempting to seduce somebody, even persistently or clumsily, isn't - and neither is men being gentlemanlike a chauvinist attack."

The authors argued that there was a replacement "puritanism" afoot within the world.

They aforementioned that whereas it absolutely was legitimate and necessary to talk out against the abuse of power by some men, the constant denunciations have spiralled out of management.

According to the writers, this is often making a public mood during which girls ar seen as flooded, as perpetual victims.

"As girls we have a tendency to don't recognise ourselves during this feminism, that on the far side denouncing the abuse of power, takes on a emotion of men and of sex."

Who are the signatories?
Deneuve is out and away the foremost distinguished of them.

The other ninety nine girls UN agency signed the document embrace some well-known figures, like thespian Christine Boisson; conservative journalist √Člisabeth L√©vy; Brigitte Lahaie, a Seventies smut star UN agency is currently a talk-show host; Catherine Millet, a author and magazine editor.

There also are lesser-known names from the worlds of recreation, the arts, the media, and world. Most of the signatories, however, ar professionals UN agency aren't notable to the French public.

What has the response been?
The letter has stirred discussion in France. On weekday a gaggle of regarding thirty feminists issued a press release accusive Deneuve and her co-signatories of seeking to "close the lid" on the scandals uncovered by the Weinstein case, and of "pouring scorn" on victims of sexual violence.

On social media, several expressed either anger or unhappiness at the letter. One Twitter user (in French) regretted the lack of girls to talk with one voice, speech communication they'd "failed to agree".

The backlash against the letter, however, has not been front-page news and isn't trending on Twitter in France. the rationale is also that contention over exposing sex pests has been rumbling on for many months currently in France.

The debate has largely faveolate those happiness to the older generation, UN agency read #Metoo and similar campaigns as a threat to the sexual liberation achieved within the Sixties, against younger, activist sorts UN agency feel that the battle against harassment is that the latest stage within the fight for women's rights.

Is Deneuve susceptible to consideration in on such issues?
She isn't called AN activist star. However, last year the 74-year-old spoke out against social media campaigns shaming men suspect of harassing girls.

Women and men from everywhere the world UN agency are sexually pestered are sharing their stories across social media victimisation the hashtag #MeToo.

In France, Twitter users ar victimisation #Balancetonporc ("rat on your dirty previous man") to encourage girls to call and shame their attackers.

How 'MeToo' is exposing the dimensions of regulatory offence
Ms Deneuve, AN Oscar-nominated thespian, has been in additional than one hundred films, creating her debut in 1957.
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