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The Most Popular Baby Names For Kids Born In 2017

The anothe five most popular names of babies of the 2017>

6. Mia And Oliver

You may think that Mia is short for Amelia, but it’s technically a shortened version of Maria. The Latin name originates from the words that mean “wished-for child.”

Oliver is the male version of the name Olivia, and also translates to “olive tree.”

7. Amelia And Ethan

Amelia is interestingly a fusion of medieval names Emilia and Amalia. The hybrid has Latin roots and means “striving.”

Ethan is a Hebrew name that means “strong,” “safe,” and “firm.” These are all good traits to hope your boy grows into!

8. Charlotte And Elijah

Charlotte is a much prettier version of its male counterpart, Charles. Other than being popular among British royalty for hundreds of years, it also means “petite” and “feminine.”

Elijah is another biblical name that has gained popularity in 2017. The Hebrew name has been popular in the Jewish community in the past, but everyone seems to love it equally now.

9. Harper And Aiden

Back in the day, Harper was a last name given to whoever could play the large string instrument. Now it sounds like a trendy and sophisticated name for a baby girl, or a nod to Harper Lee, who wrote the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Other than being the ninth most popular baby name this year, Aiden is also the name of a fiery Celtic sun god. It has roots in Ireland.

10. Aria And James

The meaning of Aria is almost as pretty as the name itself. Aria is Italian for “air.” In music, the aria is a solo in an opera. The combination is also a beautiful thought.

James is an extremely classic boys’ name that initially came from the Hebrew name Jacob. Men named James have sat on many royal thrones, and apparently slept in several cribs this year.

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