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My least favorite feature of the iPhone X: Control Center

It seems, the house button is not the solely factor missing from the iPhone X. center, Apple's one-stop buy varied toggles and app shortcuts, is additionally missing.

Well, that is not entirely true, however it certain seems like it's. To open center on the iPhone X, you've got to swipe down from the top-right corner of the show. 

However, when nearly a month of daily use, I've found my use of center has about stopped.

Prior to the iPhone X, a swipe up from very cheap of the screen would place music controls or the calculator app at my fingertips. 

I ne'er very paid attention to merely however usually i'd disable Wi-Fi or modify the brightness of my show through center till I started victimisation the iPhone X. 

It absolutely was one thing I did while not abundant thought.

Indeed, the feature continues to be simply a swipe away, however the gesture is in associate inconvenient location particularly for one-handed use.

 Reaching with my thumb to the top-right corner is awkward. and that i say this as a right-handed person. i can not imagine however awkward this placement is for a left-handed user. 

At first, i believed American statemory|motor memory|long-term memory|LTM} had gotten the simplest of me and that i would eventually adapt to manage Center's new home. that is not the case.

Starting in iOS eleven.2, presently in beta, Apple additional a handle (similar to the one that is perpetually at very cheap of the screen) to inform users wherever center is found.

 But, rather than adding atiny low line to assist folks notice center, i believe Apple ought to modification however it's accessed altogether.

Prior to the iPhone X's announcement, a video was uncovered from at intervals iOS code that showed center access used constant gesture for multitasking: A swipe up from very cheap, with a small pause to show recently used apps with center to the proper.

I like the concept of employing a gesture that iPhone X users area unit already doing, and it starts at very cheap of the screen, to open center.

With a camera cutoff already on the lock screen of the iPhone X, another choice would be to exchange the left-swipe gesture that conjointly opens the camera, with a cutoff to manage Center. we do not want 2 shortcuts to the camera app on constant screen.

There area unit execs and cons to every technique for accessing center, and albeit, i am undecided that one is that the best. I do know, however, the present technique is not the answer, and i am not alone in this thinking.
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