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newgersy/Banksy's view of Brexit is on the wall

 newgersy/Banksy's view of Brexit is on the wall


The three-story painting demonstrating a laborer wearing down one of the 12 stars of the European Union banner showed up bafflingly in Dover, England, throughout the end of the week, without a moment's delay trite and typically strong. 

Prior to the paint had dried, web-based social networking was twirling with the well-trodden speculating amusement concerning whether the mind boggling stenciled symbolism had a place with Banksy, the cryptic and mysterious guerilla road craftsman whose work has graced dividers from Britain toward the West Bank. 

The riddle was understood when Banksy posted photos of the work on the craftsman's legitimate Instagram feast upon Sunday, maybe coordinated to agree with the French presidential vote - which, as it turned out, the youthful and passionately genius European Union previous venture financier Emmanuel Macron won definitively.

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