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Zidane holds team meeting after Malaga match

Zidane holds team meeting after Malaga match

Not long after the match against Malaga had finished, Zinedine Zidane gathered all of his players and staff together for a team meeting.
The Frenchman was looking for a solution to something that had happened a few minutes before while his players sought to return winning ways after the defeats against Sevilla and Celta.
He wanted to know what his players thought and, especially, to put everyone in agreement on the message to send to the supporters about the relationship with those in the stands at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.
Zidane himself was clear.
"We must convey that we need the support of the people, of our followers," he said.
The coach didn't understand the motives of those whistling when two weeks ago everything was rosy, but perfectly well understood that every part of Real must be more united than ever in this difficult moment.
Pulling in the same direction, starting with the supporters.
During the talk it wasn't just Zidane giving his point of view, Sergio Ramos also passed his teammates the message that needed transmitting.
The group wants to feel loved and it's something that, to the surprise of coaches and players, they don't find in their own stadium.
There have been many negative responses but this story is not new; during Jose Mourinho's reign, the coach and players spoke about the character and the demand of the Bernabeu public.
On Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo was at the centre of their ire but because the Portuguese wants to be the centre of attention in everything that happens in Real Madrid, when things go wrong it generates more tension toward him.
Now Zidane wants to put a stop to the situation because the team need their encouragement and support, especially as the injuries are racking up.
Lucas Vazquez, Pepe, James, Isco, Carvajal, Marcelo and Modric have all suffered since the Club World Cup, and this could also begin to take a mental toll on the squad as a whole.

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