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These are the most adulterous countries in the world

These are the most adulterous countries in the world

There seems to be a general increase in unfaithfulness amongst French women.
Polling organisation Ifop, in conjunction with the launch of, a website for people who want to engage in adultery, conducted a survey into women and spousal cheating.
One third of women who have never been married admit to having had sexual intercourse with someone other than their partner – a steady increase from 10 per cent in 1970 and 24 per cent in 2001.
The primary motivator of infidelity is physical attraction – and 62 per cent of women admit this is a “determining” factor; over half of women said having feelings for the other person is the most important factor.
The internet is also being increasingly used to facilitate encounters of unfaithfulness: Forty-two per cent of French women who indicated that they might cheat, said they would use a website.

But it's not just the French. 

According to data from Durex, these are the 10 most adulterous countries in the world. 
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  • Thailand is coming right on top (pardon the pun) with 56 per cent of married couples in the study admitting to infidelity. 
  • Denmark: so what's going on there, with almost half of all Danes playing away?
  • Italy, unsurprisingly for the Land of Love, ranked almost as high of Denmark, with 45 per cent of its couples admitting to infidelity.
  • But perhaps more surprising were the Germans ranking exactly the same as Italy on the cheating stakes. 
  • France recorded its fair share of liaisons dangereuses43 per cent of couples.
  • Lower, but still rather unfortunate, were the rates of adultery among us Brits - 36 per cent.
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