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To protect yourself, you should chew the food well

To protect yourself, you should chew the food well

 chew food

In previous years and in childhood we've been hearing a lot that chew our food well so that does not happen to us harm.
But recently, and in recent years it has proven research and a large group of researchers on the importance of chewing food.
When chewing food well it leads to stimulate the immune inside the body, which leads to increased .
secretions that protect the body from disease and infection.

Chewing 'can induce a protective immune response in our gums'

Dr. Konkel and colleagues note that the mechanical force required by mastication leads to physiological abrasion and damage in the mouth.

With this in mind, the team set out to investigate whether such damage might play a role in oral Th17 cell production.

The researchers came to their findings by feeding weaning mice soft-textured foods, which required less chewing, until they reached 24 weeks of age. At 24 weeks, the release of Th17 cells in the rodents' mouths was measured.

A significant reduction in oral Th17 cell production was noted, which the team speculated was down to a reduction in mastication-induced physiological damage.

Confirming their theory, the researchers found that increasing the levels of physiological damage in the rodents' mouths - by rubbing the oral cavity with a sterile cotton applicator - led to an increase in the production of Th17 cells.

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