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EE to convert its 3G spectrum to 4G in readiness for 5G

In the next six months, BT Group-owned EE will switch more than 500 mobile towers’ use of its 2,100MHz spectrum from 3G to 4G, in the process enabling LTE users to benefit from five-carrier aggregation.

Operator to launch 5G services next year

EE is to convert an oversized chunk of its 3G spectrum to 4G so as to put the foundations of its 5G services that it hopes to launch in 2019.

The mobile operator can convert over five hundred towers from 3G to 4G over future six months to “enable the most performance on the highest smartphones being free in 2018, as additional customers demand high-speed mobile knowledge connections”. This news comes as Apple launches its new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

It same that the conversion of 3G spectrum at 2100MHz to 4G would offer upgraded sites 5 ‘carriers’ of 4G – over the other kingdom operator. It other that the most recent smartphones will support connections to all or any 5 of these ‘carriers’ at an equivalent time, with ‘5CA’ – that may be a new smartphone technology.

The mobile towers which will be upgraded ar unfold in the main across urban areas, like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Exeter, Hull, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, capital and capital.

EE same it might be switch on its 5G network in 2019. 5G sites are going to be engineered on prime of the upgraded sites with the most quantity of 4G spectrum, it added.

Marc Allera, corporate executive of BT’s shopper business, same that electrical engineering would be exploitation its investment it created in 3G spectrum nearly fifteen years past “to offer customers these days an excellent expertise with the most recent smartphones on 4G and build our foundation for 5G in 2019”.

“We’re perpetually evolving, and therefore the client expertise of 5G are going to be set by the standard of the 4G network beneath,” he said.

EE other that 3G usage on its network was “reducing rapidly” and for the first-time customers were creating additional calls on 4g than 3G.

Mobile operators ar slowly killing off 3G. Earlier this year, as rumored by IT professional, 3 declared that it might be ditching its 3G handsets and can currently solely sell 4G-enabled devices going forward.


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