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Time to look beyond iPhone sales

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Apple's Q2 eighteen results area unit out, and to mention it had been a remarkable quarter is an irony to mention the smallest amount.

Let's begin with Apple's flagship product -- the iPhone.

While year-on-year growth of solely three % may on the face of it appear weak, the fourteen % growth in revenue over that point is powerful. ASP (Average commercialism Price) for the iPhone is up from $655 for the year-ago quarter to $728 throughout the half-moon.

The iPhone X, that went on sale back in Gregorian calendar month, is priced between $999 and $1,149, betting on configuration, that is a minimum of $150 quite any previous iPhone beginning value. However, it is also necessary in contact in mind that the iPhone eight and iPhone eight and each saw a value bump of $50 every, that additionally adds to the ASP increase.

Both of those factors clearly contributed to the increasing ASP. However, Apple corporate executive Tim Cook was keen to show that the iPhone X may be a sturdy seller:

"Customers selected iPhone X quite the other iPhone every week within the March quarter, even as they did following its launch within the Gregorian calendar month quarter."

Apple's gamble that folks would pay additional for associate iPhone is clearly paying off. And it's shifting Apple aloof from wishing on ever-increasing unit sales.

​iPhone sales

Things also are pretty sensible on the iPad front. Again, whereas year-on-year growth is tiny - solely a pair of % - this resulted in an exceedingly revenue increase of vi % over constant amount. iPad ASP for the half-moon stood at $451, compared to $436 for Q2 seventeen.

Putting the sales figures in a different way, Apple sold  around one iPad for each 5 iPhones it sold . vast for a product that several write off as dead.

​iPad sales

Things did not point therefore well for the raincoat, with unit sales down three %, and revenue flat lining compared to Q2 seventeen. ASP for the raincoat is up slightly from $1,392 in Q2 seventeen to $1,434.

Despite sales falling, it is vital in contact in mind that Macs force in additional revenue over the quarter than the iPad did ($5.8 billion vs. $4.1 billion)

​Mac sales

But if you wish to examine spectacular growth, we've got to seem on the far side the iPad and also the raincoat, and even the titan that's the iPhone, and appearance at Apple's "Services" class (which includes digital content and services, AppleCare, Apple Pay, licensing and different services) and "Other Products" (which includes sales of AirPods, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats merchandise, HomePod, iPod bit and different Apple-branded and third-party accessories). These classes saw year-on-year revenue growth of thirty one and thirty eight % severally.

Now that is sturdy growth.

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