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Digital transformation: think globally, act locally

When you move your information to the cloud, it's digital transformation. once customers will build payments through a secure web site, it's digital transformation. once workers will manage and track their work schedules via portable, that is digital transformation.

More typically than not, you are not even line of work it "digital transformation." It's regarding productivity, it's regarding access, it's regarding obtaining customers what they need,when they wish it. individuals across the enterprise see such transformation through their own lenses. thus will it even add up to launch or conceive to sustain some reasonably broad "digital transformation" effort?

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Researchers at IDG recently tried to use a unified theory to the which means of "digital transformation," supported the results of a survey of 702 IT and business decision-makers. primarily, they known eight ways that individuals inspect it:

Employee productivity. For 52 percent of executives, "becoming a digital business means enabling worker productivity through tools such as mobile, data access and AI-assisted processes."

Data-driven business performance. Close to half, 49 percent, also see digital transformation as "the ability to better manage business performance through data availability and visibility."

Customer experience. "For 46 percent of decision-makers, digital transformation "means meeting customer experience expectations, while 44 percent see it as "understanding customer needs through data collection and analysis."

Mobile capabilities. Another 46 percent see digital transformation as "providing secure, optimized anywhere/anytime access to assets."

Process automaton. At least 37 percent say digital transformation means "digitally modifying business and/or processes ."

Revenue streams. One-third, 33 percent, say digital transformation means developing new digital business/revenue streams.

Product innovation. Another 31 percent see digital transformation as achieving top-line growth through digital product enhancements/new digital products or services.

Supply chain optimization. For more than a quarter of companies surveyed (27 percent), digital transformation means digitizing "the flow of data and information worldwide which enables the movement of goods, services, finance and people."

There area unit key technology initiatives laced throughout all of those areas that build digitisation a reality: cloud, web of Things, AI and software system outlined networking to call many. 

Tellingly, in most cases, solely regarding half the organizations within the IDG survey area unit either operating with these technologies or area unit about to do thus shortly. as an example, fifty three % area unit operating with personal clouds, forty five % with public clouds. Another fifty six % area unit exploring AI or machine learning.

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That begs the question of what the opposite, less-engaged half this cluster is doing -- and the way they expect to vie during a world that's quickly tipping in favor of technology-savvy disruptors. it is vital to suggests that technology and digitisation alone don't deliver market success -- it takes visionary management 1st.

Back to our question regarding the effectivity of launching some reasonably digital transformation program. there's no shortage of verbalise however digital transformation can place organizations on the trail to wonderful growth. however it isn't regarding launching some grandiose enterprise program and shopping for piles of costly new technology. It's regarding rolling up one's sleeves, sitting down with groups from across the business, and understanding what works for the business and the way it may be improved.

When it involves digitally facultative anybody of the above-named useful areas, it's going to add up to seem at however digital approaches will facilitate every one before upgrading existing analog or manual processes. quite a 3rd of organizations within the IDG survey (44 percent), in fact, area unit already shopping for into a "digital-first" philosophy because it pertains to revamping business processes, operations and client engagement. that is an honest place to start out. One method at a time, sooner or later at a time.

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