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10 things you need to know about Apple (Q2 18 edition)

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#1Wearables square measure up, during a huge method (but I bet analysts wanted Apple would simply worship sales figures instead of cherry decide knowledge points).

"Our performance was broad-based, with iPhone revenue up fourteen %, services up thirty one % and wearables up virtually fifty %." - Tim Cook, Apple CEO

#2: The iPhone X may be a hit (although by what quantity Apple is not willing to tell).

"And customers selected iPhone X over the other iPhone hebdomadally within the March quarter, even as they did following its launch within the Dec quarter." - Cook

#3: Apple is investing that large hardware system to push huge services growth.

"Across all our services, paid subscriptions surpassed 270 million, up over one hundred million from a year agone and up $30 million within the last ninety days alone, contributive to the general increase in services revenue." - Cook

#4: Did Cook mention that the Apple Watch is merchandising well?

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"Apple Watch had another nice quarter with revenue growing by robust double digits year-over-year to a replacement March quarter record." - Cook

#5: whereas it is easy to consider tablets abundant within the same method as we expect of MP3 players, Apple is commanding additional and additional of the remaining market.

"NPD indicates that iPad has fifty three % of the U.S. pill market within the March quarter, up from forty % share a year agone." - Luca Maestri, Apple CFO

#6: Did Apple mention already however awe-inspiring the iPad is? however folks and businesses still love it?

"And the foremost recent client survey from 451 analysis measured iPad client satisfaction ratings of ninety five % and among business customers United Nations agency decide to purchase tablets within the June quarter, seventy three % decide to purchase iPads." - Maestri

#7: The gamble that individuals would pay additional for associate iPhone, therefore pushing up the ASP (Average merchandising Price) to offset declining sales, worked.

"... our revenues square measure up fourteen % year-over-year on iPhone and {that is} a mixture of single digit unit growth and ASP growth that is principally driven by iPhone X." - Cook

#8: Take that, cheaper phones!

"... the iPhone was the highest 3 merchandising phones in China." - Cook

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#9: iPhone X options are returning to cheaper iPhones real before long.

" we tend to were shocked somewhat that through all of this era of your time that the iPhone X lands up at the foremost merchandising, preferred for each week of the time since the launch. then that is i feel a strong purpose. And it's ideal in China, that is another powerful purpose. then clearly at some purpose if those technologies move to lower cost points which there is in all probability additional unit demand." - Cook

#10: Apple thinks that there is lots of area for growth within the smartphone business. is that this an extra hint that a real budget iPhone can be incoming?

"In terms of the market normally, if you verify last year, that is that the last information we've got on the total market, there have been still zero.5 billion feature phones oversubscribed within the world. then several of these were oversubscribed into rising markets, not all of them, however several of them. and that we still believe that over time each phone oversubscribed are a smartphone." - Cook

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