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Why the next iPhone doesn't need to be faster or thinner

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Quick! If Apple corporate executive Tim Cook knocked on your door and asked you what you needed to envision within the next iPhone, what would be your response?

When I've asked people this question in previous years I used to get a list of predictable replies:

-Better performance
-Better camera
-More storage
-Better battery life

Pretty sure stuff, and also the areas wherever we have seen the foremost development within the smartphone market.

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Well, all except one area: higher battery life.

Better battery life are some things that smartphone users are inquiring for since the dawn of smartphones and however it's one amongst those areas wherever we have seen the smallest amount overall progress. 

Sure, what the iPhone of 2018 will do with its battery is lightweight years earlier than what the iPhone of 2007 may do with electric battery that physically -- and with chemicals -- did not look that completely different.

But abundant of that progress has been created because of magnified potency, particularly on the show and processor front.

 And Apple's shift to even a lot of economical processors this year -- shrinking the design down from 10-nanometers to 7-nanometers -- can little question bring with it larger power efficiencies, however these can doubtless be engulfed up by new options.

What efficiencies provide, overall progress takes away.

The original 2007 iPhone contained a 1400mAh lithium-ion battery, whereas the iPhone eight contains associate 1821mAh lithium-ion battery. Even the iPhone X, that options a twin-cell arrangement, includes a battery capability of a bit below double that of the first iPhone.

What Apple will do with what's in point of fact a really bit of power -- a number of the smartphones starting of firms like Samsung have so much larger batteries than the iPhone -- is unimaginable. however battery life has currently full-grown to be one amongst the largest, if not the largest, concern for iPhone users.

While quick charging and wireless charging has eased the concern that individuals have a lot of day than battery life left, recharging your devices a lot of typically brings concerning new issues. it is a Band-Aid at the best, and much from a true answer. And with Apple having to impose software package limitations on users as a result of batteries untimely wear to the purpose wherever they'll not power a tool adequately, it's clear that engineering is taking a backseat to style over at Apple HQ.

If I may style the proper iPhone, i'd add a bit to its thickness -- not abundant, perhaps a mm or 2 -- and use that magnified volume within the device to equip it with a well larger battery. Forget the "thin-and-light" craze that appears to dominate smartphone style, and really style a tool with utility at the forefront.

And what may well be a lot of necessary than giving it the ability reserves it has to get through a tough day's work, and not wear out once solely a number of years of service?

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