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I don't think Apple can fix the iOS mess it's created

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Word has it that Apple is putting on hold some of the features it had planned for iOS 12 in order to concentrate on trying to fix the problems that it's allowed to build up in the platform.

That sounds great and all, but I'm not convinced that Apple can fix the mess it has created.

Let's face it, iOS is a mess. I've covered just some of my grievances with the platform, and my colleague Jason Perlow did a great job of highlighting how the platform was getting in the way of him getting things done.

The platform is such a mess that Apple even showcased an iOS bug in an ad it created for the iPhone X. And just to make matters worse, Apple fixed the ad before fixing the actual problem with iOS.

As I see it, iOS is failing on four fronts:

Performance: I would go as far as to say that iOS performance is at its worst. The fact that there are frame drops and stuttering present on brand new hardware is a massive FAIL.
Stability: I'll be honest and say that iOS stability isn't the worst I've seen it, but for a premium product, that's not really a glowing recommendation.
Bugginess: The number of ways that Apple has dropped the ball on this front in the past few months is just unbelievable.
Usability: I remember when Apple cared about usability. iOS usability is now garbage.

I've spoken regarding performance, stability, and defectiveness before -- exhaustive -- however since I've not spoken regarding usability, let Maine offer out one example (yes, i am going to prohibit myself to simply one, as a result of otherwise, well, we tend to can be here for a awfully long time) of what I mean.

Take the iOS Control Center panel. Here you go:

iOS 11.3 Control Center

OK, here's the deal. a number of those buttons reply to a Force bit gesture and open out into an even bigger panel with more practicality, whereas others do not. however in need of pawing at them every which way, there is not any visual thanks to tell that buttons conceal hidden options and that do not.

From a usability and programme purpose of read, that is simply awful. And however Apple has done nothing to do to form this easier to use since the updated center was 1st free to the general public with iOS eleven. 

Apple has self-addressed a number of the issues with center -- like the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles that do not truly toggle the radios on and off -- however the solutions feel kludgy and counsel Apple does not extremely have a transparent means forward.

Which brings Maine to a discouraging and completely unsatisfactory realization -- that Apple does not acumen to mend iOS.

Yes, once rummaging numberless iOS public beta builds, I've lost religion that Apple is aware of the means forward. iOS currently appears like Windows did back therein fugacious amount between Windows seven and Windows ten. you'll be able to see changes being created, however they feel whimsical and rather haphazard.

The only distinction is that the task of fixing Windows ne'er appeared as nice because the one facing Apple. whereas the Windows programme went through a foul patch, Window ne'er suffered from the direful performance, stability, and defectiveness problems that iOS has (and bear in mind, Apple has total management over the iOS hardware ecosystem).

So what is wrong with Apple? i do not grasp, however the means that Apple is these days regularly pushing back merchandise and options -- like however AirPlay a pair of and Messages in iCloud got born from iOS eleven.3 and ar currently within the beta for iOS eleven.4 -- suggests that the corporate is troubled to stay up with the aggressive cycle of latest merchandise and updates.

If Apple is serious about making iOS 12 better, then we'd better be seeing the fruits of that labor pretty soon. iOS 12 betas should start landing in June, and I'm going to be keeping a close eye on things.

And it's going to be a cold, critical eye.

I want to be seeing big improvements. And fast. But I'm not going to be holding my breath.

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