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Apple's big clean-out: Tougher line on apps only one reason for App Store shrinking

Apple's App Store shrank in 2017 for the primary time in a very decade, beginning the year with two.2 million iOS apps however ending it with two.1 million, in keeping with a report from analytics firm Appfigures.

Meanwhile Google Play headed within the wrong way, growing thirty p.c to over three.6 million apps. Appfigures reckons App Store's decline is that the results of Apple's harder social control of review tips and its clean-out of apps that weren't updated to support 64-bit design.

Apple in 2016 told developers it planned to scour the App Store for apps that not perform or meet this review tips.

And, as TechCrunch notes, last year's huge clean-out targeted clones and spam apps likewise as template-based apps that, in conjunction with the 64-bit demand, resulted in a very vital range of removed apps.

However, Apple's restrictions and removals are not the sole reasons the App Store shrank for the primary time since 2008. Appfigures says new app submissions additionally born twenty nine p.c, with developers emotional 755,000 new apps over the year. By comparison, golem developers free one.5 million new apps, marking a seventeen p.c rise on 2016 submissions.

The other driver of app store growth is that the amount of apps that square measure ported from one platform to the opposite. Again, there have been doubly as several apps ported from iOS to golem than the opposite approach spherical.

According to Appfigures, there square measure currently regarding 450,000 apps that square measure on each iOS and golem, representing regarding eight.5 p.c of all apps.

The most fashionable non-native developer tools for golem and iOS apps were Cordova and Unity, followed distantly by Adobe Air, Cocos2D, Xamarin, Appcelerator, Corona, and React Native.

However, apps developed with non-native tools solely accounted for twenty-four p.c of iOS apps and ten p.c of golem apps, down from 2016 once thirty two p.c of iOS apps and twenty seven p.c of golem apps were designed non-natively.

The North American country is out and away the biggest supply of apps, accounting for thirty three p.c of them, while 15.9 p.c square measure from China. the speed of apps coming back from China is additionally on the increase, listing simply over one hundred,000 in 2015 however rising to 250,000 new apps in 2017.

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