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Apple under 'in-depth' EU investigation over Shazam acquisition

The European Commission is launching associate "in-depth" investigation into Apple's planned acquisition of music recognition app Shazam.

The Commission's primary concern is that Shazam would offer Apple access to commercially sensitive knowledge concerning the shoppers of its competitors within the European Economic space. therewith knowledge, the Commission posits, Apple may well be ready to directly target its competitors' customers and lure them over to Apple Music.

"As a result, competitive  music streaming services may well be place at a competitive disadvantage," in keeping with the EU handout.

Meanwhile, the Commission is additionally wanting into whether or not Apple Music's competitors would be injured if Shazam solely referred potential new customers back to Apple, instead of to Apple Music rivals like Spotify and Deezer.

The Commission has currently set a Sept. four point in time to research the considerations.

Apple proclaimed its acquisition of UK-based Shazam in Gregorian calendar month. The deal serves multiple functions for Apple on the far side hooks into services like Apple Music. Shazam homes a team that is practiced at coaching models, developing algorithms, and managing knowledge.

Going forward, Shazam's knowledge engineering ability can apply to multiple areas of Apple and certain bolster Siri within the future.

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