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Third Thumb Changes the Prosthetics Game

This artist designed a THIRD THUMB to change the way people think a bout prosthetics .

Dani Clode is a product designer live in london , she designed the THIRD THUMB for her master degree in designs products .

London-based product designer, Dani Clode designed a third thumb to change the way people think about prosthetics. Clode believes that prosthetics extent a wearer's ability. 

They shouldn't be regarded as a replacement to part of the human body.

 The third thumb is made from a series of interconnected parts: a hand piece, an attachment, cables, motors, and two Bluetooth controllers. 

Artificial human augmentation has to start somewhere, so the thumb must be as good a place as any. 
The Third Thumb comes from the mind of Dani Clode, who designed it to be one of the first prosthesics for non-amputees. 

Kind of how tons of video games feature ways to change or strengthen your body, regardless of how many of your original limbs you still have. 

The Third Thumb is meant to remind people of the original meaning of prothesis, which was something that extended or built upon, rather than replaced. 
More about DANI Clode

In that, the Thumb succeeds, because it’s something that you strap onto the other side of your hand to give one of your hands two thumbs. 

So don’t let the fact that the Thumb doesn’t actually add a whole lot to hand functionality stop you. It’s not supposed to. It’s just supposed to reframe how we think about artificial body parts and remind us that human augmentation isn’t something relegated to gaming.

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