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The Best Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Pretty much evry Makeup lover knows the struggle of trying to save money while also funding their makeup addication.

Which why we asked you to tell us what is your best Tips to save money on beauty products.

These ars just some of our favorites:

1- Store your products in a clear plastic box to keep yourself from buying multiples of the same shade .

2- A subcription box can give you access to some HIGH-END products for a few bucks a month.

3-Buying the TRAVEL-SIZED HIGH-END mascara can last about three monthes.

This is the amount of time before some mascaras need to be raplaced anyways

4- Cut makeup remover wipes into fourths

on days where you dont wear as much makeup these QUARTE-WIPES can be just enogh , and this can make your wipes last up to 4x longer.

5- Cornstarch has been suggested as an alternative to dry shampoo

5- Chapstich was suggested as replacement for eyeshadow primer

6-Invest in a silcone aptula to get more product out from your makeup containers

Discount stores can have hidden GEMS of HIGH-END makeup products , however it is not guaranteed and evry store have different inventory .

Many suggested making multiple uses out of a single product like eyeshadow as an eyebrow and contour product ,or cocealer as an eyeshadow primer 

Maybe even try lipstick as a cream plush , whatever one user found even found a hack to make your own lipstck , and you can mix matte foundation and eyeshadow to creat liquid lipstick .

Sometime you must have to think outside  the bottel 
Have you tried any of these hacks ?
Are there any other creative ways to save your money on beauty products ?

Let Me know your ANSWERS....

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