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Apple MacBook with OLED screen keyboard? See Apple's dual-display designs

Apple has already replaced some keys with the OLED show bit Bar on the MacBook professional, however a new granted patent imagines associate OLED show increasing to hide all the keys.

The patent, noticed by apparently Apple, details Apple's "dual show instrumentation with increased visibility and suppressed reflections" invention.

Apple engineers have required 2 styles, as well as one with a for good connected hinge to open and shut sort of a MacBook, whereas another contains a pill connected via magnet to a pill accent like a keyboard with a show.

AppleInsider notes this invention is not meant to supply how to try 2 iPads with one acting because the keyboard.

As the patent's title counsel, it's primarily regarding techniques to reinforce visibility and suppress reflections during a dual-screen set-up, wherever light-weight from one show will cause reflections on the opposite.

To address for this downside, the Apple optical style and show engineers behind the invention counsel a mixture of polarizers and wave plates that allow light-weight from the displays have.

The inventors additionally needed to piece the dual-screen arrangement to boost the visibility of the show once the user is carrying specs, which may be achieved with differing kinds of wave plates that modification the direction of polarized light-weight.

Apple filed for this patent in 2015 however it had been solely granted it last week. As apparently Apple notes, 

Apple was recently granted another similar patent for 'Dual show instrumentation with increased Visibility and Suppressed Reflections', that delineate optimizations for improved compatibility with specs.

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