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The Apple Education Conference of 2018

The Apple Education Conference of 2018

The Apple Education Conference of 2018 has just ended in 27,Mar,2018, in contrast to many expectations. 

Apple has just introduced a new iPad at a price similar to previous version, and has provided a large number of applications and services to teachers, making the conference worthy of being an educational conference only. 

Apple hinted that it would not broadcast the conference or post invitations on its official website.

The conference began with video that saying:

 "You can do anything you want and anything to change the world."

then Tim Cook went to the theater and talked about Apple's belief in future generations and that they would be the future of America. 

He then began to review Apple's contributions, saying that Macs and iPads were everywhere, in all classes of music and even robotics, adding that Apple had helped education by making more than 370,000 programming children in Chicago. 

The most of the teachers said that Apple seeks to provide all possible ways for them to provide the best education for children.

After that, the conference started in real, where Tim talked about the application of the system and the Swift Playgrounds and how children are taught in schools as well as Apple's programming premises in an easy way. 

He said that in order to provide a better education  welcome to a new product, the iPad.

apple new iPad 2018
Then he went on to talk about the details of the use of Apple's 
pen as well as it was explained that Apple has updated its 
applications Pages, Numbers and Keynote to support the 
use of the Apple pen.This allows you to pass through the pen 
as you want and in any application

apple's Apps

As well as there will be benefits coming,  as "Smart Annotation",
 which allows you to add tags more professionally

Then Apple talked about upcoming updates and applications
such as the application called Boulevard AR,  which enables you to interact and draw on the virtual boards in the classroom as well as the application of Free Rivers and will also Apple applications Garage band and Clips.

A new feature called Apple School Manager will target schools
with fewer than 1,500 students and a school administrator or
account administrator can create accounts for students in 
less than a minute.

Boulevard AR

Apple also announced the first iPad not only from its production
, but from Logitech and called the Crayon pen and priced
 only $ 49.

Apple School Manager

Apple also announced more benefits for teachers such as
 a tool that allows them to create the curriculum and topics they will explain in the classroom and said Apple is very easy 
where anyone can use it can take a picture by the camera and modify it with the pen and  also add voice notes on a particular part of it.

new apple's pen

Full version of apple's video about the Ipad

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