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‘American Idol’ Reboot Recap: Who Are We Kidding? It’s All About Katy Perry

It was only two years ago that “American Idol” signed off the air, seemingly forever as the screen faded to black. Then, host Ryan Seacrest threw the audience for a loop with two words: “For now.”
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Each word carried a sentence of a year, it seems, as “Idol” is baaaaaack. And for those of us who are fans of the show, that might as well have been a lifetime, as Seacrest, quoting season one winner Kelly Clarkson, remarked at the top of the new season — that which does not have a number, apparently.

Fortunately, there was a reminder of the show’s recent — and distant — past in the way of season four winner Carrie Underwood, who narrates the voice-over about music inspiring dreams. 

“It happened to me,” she says, no doubt inspiring millions of smiles. But with that nod to what came before, we enter into new, but familiar, territory as judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan take their seats at the table.


So what’s different? For one, the ABC version of “Idol” explodes on the screen in eye-popping Technicolor, thanks to the Disney palette and Perry, who never squanders an opportunity for glitter. 

As the show’s highest paid judge, Perry is also the panel’s defacto leader and the one most likely to trigger a meme, as she did in praising starstruck vocal powerhouse Noah Davis who could only mutter the word “Wig” out of excitement, confusing Bryan in the process.

Don’t catch on twisted — Katy Perry is outstanding and everything you wish in a very choose. She dances with contestants, accepts their gifts and consoles them. Dare we are saying, her handling of thespian like-crooner Zach D’onofrio would have given Harry Connick Jr. a endure his cash.

Veteran “Idol” watchers bear in mind however way back Perry goes with this show — from carrying a cape adorned with Adam Lambert’s name in season eight to a noted argument with then choose Kara DioGuardi over whether or not or not judges area unit choice on vocal talent or “stories.”

To that finish, Perry appears to be jutting to her guns in attempting to not be swayed by a contestant’s story and promising to be a straight-shooter. She’s not mean, however she will tell it find it irresistible is. 

Like once explaining to singer Daffo Boltongez from Africa that, whereas she revered his being associate immigrantwith associate abusive father, “I don’t apprehend World Health Organization you're the least bit. … you recognize a way to imitate, however you haven’t found your issue nevertheless.”

Another distinction within the 2018 panel: rather than oral communication “no,” these judges select, “not yet.”  Rejected contestants area unit brought back for an additional shot. 

And whereas initially it looks like the season was getting to be kind to all or any — far-out Catie Turner earned  a golden price ticket and brotherly  recommendation from Bryan to remain off Instagram to avoid meanies — we tend to conjointly get Koby, a neurotic  play entertainer that selected to audition as if she were running scales.

“You aren't a pop star,” Perry tells her, as Koby walks off to Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and explodes in a very philippic line the show “dumb asses.”

Ah, yes. associate old-fashioned joke audition followed by instrumentalist Grace, World Health Organization at eleven years previous was accountable for the worst ever anthem before Fergie same “hold my brewage.” whereas her anthem did her no favors, Grace affected the judges with an imaginative and an imaginative cowl of Khalid’s “Young, Dumb and skint.”

The Golden tickets continuing with sister act Layla and Dyxie Spring, World Health Organization is our 1st “American Idol” Golden price ticket winner of 2026 –if the show gets revived that way earlier. sister Layla, World Health Organization she appearance up to, auditions with “Who’s dotty You?” that she credits to The Jackson five and not Smokey Robinson and therefore the Miracles. 

Spring could be a younger version of country favorite Kellie Pickler within the naïve young singer department, and to Richie’s credit, he provides the 16-year previous a serious truth bomb concerning the music business.

“It’s a mental game, and that i don’t wish to convey you that chance and you get there and it destroys you,” he said, before it's disclosed that she goes to Hollywood ahead of her sister. She is one to root for, and one hopes that Hollywood doesn’t eat her alive.

In the not-ready-to-advance department is Brandon Cruz, World Health Organization got a cashier job to satisfy women. He apparently auditioned simply to urge a kiss from Perry, as a result of in no means did he have the chops to earn a price ticket.

Whereas he's promptly shown the door, Bryan (who is popping intent on be the Paula Abdul of this panel, he's therefore dash-gum nice) kindly advises him to “get slightly higher at singing.”

And whereas some were on the Q.T. hoping punk Nico Bones — World Health Organization same he dear enjoying rock in clubs for the “free drinks” (honesty that’s appreciated!) — would advance to consequent spherical, he promptly blows it with a plugged-in, punk version of “The Worm Song.”

“I am therefore happy you chop off that song after you did,” Richie same to Perry.

The head-scratching moments didn’t stop there. as an example, however within the world did Sardor metropolis win Russia’s “X Factor?” Was there collusion? it absolutely was sort of a cat, falling from the highest of the New York State Building (whoops, wrong choose and ‘Idol” season).

Also in reminder the show’s past on FOX, the simplest is saved for the “money spot” — during this case city musician Dennis DeLorenzo, World Health Organization had a rough life when his father was dead once he was simply 5.

 DeLorenzo is authentic, impressing the choose with a jazz-fueled acoustic interpretation of “Unaware.” Here we've got a significant competition who’s hungry for the win.

While it appears we've got our high 10 contenders latched in on night one, the second spherical of auditions airs on weekday night and there area unit more hopefuls nevertheless to come back. can you be standardization in?

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