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NYPD begins deploying iPhone 7 & 7 Plus to officers as it officially moves on from Windows Phone

Back in 2014, big apple town launched a pilot program issue Windows Phone devices to its officers. Four years later, Apple iPhone seven and seven and units area unit being issued at a rate of 600 phones per day.

Officers within the borough and borough have already got the new iPhones whereas borough officers area unit presently being transitioned. Brooklyn so Queens can follow when the borough transition is complete.

The switch to the Apple iPhone was disclosed last year and on condition that Windows Phone is actually dead it's no surprise that NYC designated the Apple iPhone because the successor. 

you'll recall that big apple thought of AN iPhone ban in 2016, however that very same level of coding and security might are checked out as a profit to the police. BTW, that bill ne'er went outside of the assembly committee.

Similar to the method that Windows Phone devices were used, NYC is victimisation the Apple iPhone for 911 dispatches, criminal background checks, period of time video capture and show, and on-the-scene type completion. 

The NYPD has seen its latent period to vital crimes current call fourteen p.c.

Even higher news for taxpayers is that the department of local government will not ought to pay further for the new iPhones since the department Windows Phones purchase means that these iPhones area unit hardware upgrades enclosed as a part of its AT&T contract. The Nokia Windows Phones are wiped and sold  back to AT&T.

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