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Finance seeks another vendor for govCMS

The Australian Department of Finance desires to feature additional capability to its Government Content Management System govCMS, seeking another merchant to deliver additional platform efficiencies.

In a request for proposal (RFP), Finance aforesaid it desires to boost the general delivery of mobile-responsive websites across the govt., as well as having a additional "standardised" user expertise once addressing whole-of-government.

According to Finance, the target of its latest acquisition effort is to deliver value savings to government departments and agencies; create it easier for them to accommodates Commonwealth polices and standards; and promote the employment of ASCII text file software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions

GovCMS is associate degree initiative underneath Finance, engineered round the principle "create once, use often" during a bid to change government IT and eliminate duplicated, fragmented, and sub-scale activities across agencies.

The content management and web site hosting platform was developed to cut back the technology and compliance burden on government agencies, whereas providing a cheaper possibility for managing websites.

According to Finance, it provides agencies with a platform to style, develop, and host websites, permitting them to target providing content and services to the community.

At constant time, the conception of govCMS aims to make "communities of digital expertise" across all levels of state.

Finance 1st began giving the govCMS platform to agencies in 2015, and with its RFP is seeking proposals to still deliver the core govCMS service with "innovative enhancements and inflated service offerings".

The department is when one supplier for the extra necessities it's completed inside govCMS, however aforesaid there's space for over one winning merchant.

Just over 3 years agone, govCMS inked a AU$24 million, four-year modify Massachusetts-based SaaS supplier and panel member Acquia to implement the whole-of-government platform hosted on Amazon net Services.

Finance processed that it's no intention of modifying the agreement with Acquia and also the current Drupal Services Panel as a part of this RFP.

The government disclosed its whole-of-government govCMS Drupal Services Panel in Gregorian calendar month, with ten players at first given the tick of approval to supply government agencies with ASCII text file Drupal services.

The panel, comprised at first of seventh heaven Media, Catalyst IT Australia, PreviousNext, Adelphi Digital Consulting cluster, Cogent Business Solutions, Digital Gardens, Loud & Clear artistic, Ice Media, OPC IT, and Acquia INC, may also be utilized by agencies to assist them build, maintain, and support alternative Drupal websites that aren't hosted by govCMS.

Two classes of services is procured from the panel: class one is for services supported specific talent sets, offered at hourly and daily most rates, for works in areas like quality assurance, answer style and technical design consultative, integration, and build and migration services.

The second class is for services supported fixed-price packages, that Finance aforesaid guarantees a minimum specific scope. Services offered during this class include: web site assessments and consultative services, content migration and consolidation, and website audits and technical reviews.

The latest RFP can shut March twenty two, 2018.

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