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Apple's obsession of form over function is hitting some folks in the face (literally)

It isn't right to laugh by others' pain or misfortune. Even so, there looks to be some Schadenfreude within the media regarding Apple workers bashing into the nearly invisible glass dividers in their new spaceship-like headquarters whereas staring down at their lighted screens.

Here's the story as Mark urban center of Bloomberg originally reported  it. First, let's be clear that these reports area unit hearsay. urban center got no response to asking for comment from Apple, and was unable to uncover any government agency (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reports of employee safety claims.

The core of the story is that Apple designed a flowery house to optimize collaboration and communication. the corporate put in vast glass window panes external to the building, however apparently conjointly created internal glass "pods" to produce a live of each transparency and privacy.

Workers, distracted by their smartphones (oh, the irony!) apparently keep blinking into the glass dividers within the headquarters. In a shot to keep up the smoothness of style, post-its and alternative makeshift warnings applied to the glass area unit apparently being removed with nice potency.

Apple's fine arts superior skill in terms of pure style statement matches that of its devices. however there are setbacks. In 2011, Associate in Nursing 83-year recent girl crashed into a glass door at Associate in Nursing Apple store and sued the corporate.

 Speaking of Apple stores, in 2014, one in every of the nearly million-dollar panes of glass the Manhattan store was shattered by Associate in Nursing errant sherd shooting out of a close-by snowblower.

According to a tweet last week from CNET communicator Shara Tibken, there is been some dripping from the roof of Apple's traveller center.

 The water (cause unknown, it wasn't raining) caused the terribly stylish marble floors to show slippery -- Associate in Nursingd an anon. girl apparently slipped on the slick, wet marble and fell. we have a tendency to hope she's okay.

Apple's Shanghai store are a few things of a marvel. the corporate has proprietary the assembly of an enormous, 12-meter tall glass cylinder that fronts the shop. sadly, the glass steps wasn't quite as marvelous. one in every of the steps skint simply before the shop opened.

It's pretty clear that Apple has one thing of Associate in Nursing obsession with kind over perform.

Even with the slight sales slip this half-moon, there is not any denying however booming the corporate has been making an almost cult-following for its merchandise (and affirmative, i am a client, too).

In the context of sales numbers, it's laborious to seek out fault with Apple's design-first strategy. Architecturally, in terms of building style, we have seen a gradual stream of mishaps which will be directly attributed to the company's obsession with kind over perform.

Apple has conjointly created a stream of form-over-function mistakes in its line of business. Here area unit some examples.

Apple's MacBook ships with specifically one port. One USB-C port. That's it. No power adapter, nothing. If you would like to charge your MacBook, you cannot connect anything. Period.

Removing most ports from MacBook professional. Apple's recent MacBook professional revive eliminated the extraordinary MagSafe instrumentality, a style that mirrored an excellent understanding of the perform and challenges of cord usage. 

The planning conjointly eliminated the Mount Rushmore State card slot, therefore if you would like to transfer pictures from a camera on to your laptop (or move a 3D model to a 3D printer), you wish to use a electronic device.

In fact, the replacement of all the ports (except the electro-acoustic transducer jack) with four USB-C ports means whereas MacBook professional patrons may need gotten a a lot of sleek style, they are currently cursed with the ugly and hacky reality of multiple converters and dongles.

Removing the electro-acoustic transducer jack from iPhones. Speaking of dongles, Apple set to get rid of the electro-acoustic transducer jack from its iPhone line. 

Yes, that nearly forces patrons to give for Apple's AirPods, however it orphans lots of users UN agency relied on the electro-acoustic transducer jack for headphones, mics, and lots of alternative functions.

Super-thin, slippery iPhones. though Apple will derive some value advantages from removing a locality sort of a electro-acoustic transducer jack, the $64000 reason for its removal is Apple's plan to regularly create its devices agent and agent. 

The corporate conjointly likes to form the devices quite slippery, leading to what USer expertise knowledgeable Kara Pernice describes as creating us all into grandmothers.

She's pertaining to the iPhone's slipperiness Associate in Nursingd fragility inflicting an virtually universal would like for a case, Associate in Nursingd mistreatment her grandmother's plastic-sheathed article of furniture covers as an example.

 whether or not the phones area unit slippery, around skinny they bend, Apple's obsession with thinness is going in the method of constructing a solid device.

Removing the house button from iPhone X. 

Within the iPhone X, Apple has removed the house button. this implies that there is not a tactile method for individuals to come to their main screens. Instead, the awkward swipe up motion is needed for pretty much everything. to boot, removing the house button removes bit ID, another feature that Apple got right, then removed. Then there is that weird notch. 'Nuff said.

Apple's Magic Mouse two. 

This device is odd on several levels. Its style is sleek, therefore sleek that nearly nobody finds it comfy to carry or use. Then there is the charging port. for a few reason (most seemingly to retain the sleekness), you cannot charge and use the mouse at identical time. The charging port is at very cheap of the mouse, therefore you've got to place the mouse on its facet to charge it.

Apple TV's horrifying touchpad remote.

 The revised Apple TV style is truly quite nice. however to navigate the screen, you've got to use a touchpad on the Apple TV's rectangular remote. First, the touchpad is sort of invariably barely responsive, that makes jumping from app icon to app icon Associate in Nursing exercise in frustration. Second, Apple designed the remote to be Associate in Nursing virtually good parallelogram, therefore once you are looking TV in an exceedingly dark area, there is not any thanks to tell whether or not you are inform the remote at the TV or at yourself.

The "trash can" mackintosh professional. Do i want to mention anything? Nothing regarding this style revered the practicality required by professional users. Nothing.

The Apple Pencil lightning instrumentality. 

The Apple Pencil may be a astonishingly useful device. however if you would like to charge it, you've got to open up the highest of the pencil and stick it into a lightning instrumentality on your iPad. 

Currently you've got a awfully breakable instrumentality protruding in an exceedingly comparatively ludicrous manner. Why? as a result of it's pretty if you cannot see a port on the pencil.

I may maintain and on regarding Apple's weird style choices, and even purpose to merchandise wherever each kind and performance area unit merely terrible (iTunes, i am lookin' at you). 

However the purpose is easy. Apple's design-centric approach produces some extraordinary outcomes, however the corporate has to take higher care that they are not simply doing style for design's sake.

Just because one thing is fantastically designed doesn't suggest it's helpful, workable, or sensible.

If your merchandise snap or bend as a result of you wished one thing super-sleek, you are not super-slick. you are simply coming up with merchandise that break.

If you are making an attempt to push the fine arts envelope with superb applications of glass technology, you are not making clarity and transparency. you are simply putt your customers in danger of falling through glass.

If your workers keep bashing into your glass walls or slippy on super-slick floors, you are not accomplishing your goal of up productivity. you are simply inflicting your of us pain and embarrassment, manufacturing attainable government agency and workman's comp claims, and losing productivity whereas your individuals heal.

Good style isn't almost about aesthetics. sensible style is that the overall wedding of kind and performance. If you sacrifice perform for one thing that simply appearance sensible, it isn't sensible style. It's simply chesty and insensitive.

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