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Apple still towers over other IT companies in quarterly results

Technology firms typically have completely different|completely different} business enterprise years and announce their quarterly result on different days, therefore it's exhausting to form comparisons, notwithstanding you have got a superhuman  memory.

 However, an easy bar graph makes the apparent point: the previous order has modified. IBM now not dwarfs each different IT company. That operate has been taken by Apple.

Since I did this exercise 3 years agone, Alphabet (Google) has overtaken each Microsoft and IBM in quarterly revenues, whereas Hewlett-Packard has lost its position in second place. 

There isn't any mystery this. power unit split itself into 2 firms - power unit INC and power unit Enterprise (HPE) - and naturally each ar smaller.

The original plan was that HP's share worth was being control back by the frumpy if not doomed laptop and printer divisions. If solely power unit may get eliminate them, it'd have a booming enterprise IT business. however it hasn't quite found out that manner. 

Power unit INC has been the additional prosperous byproduct, and within the latest quarter, increased  its revenues from PCs by fourteen.9 p.c and from printers by twelve.7 percent. 

Yes, it benefited from Christmas sales and currency changes (a lower dollar), however it's still a higher result than several expected.

On the draw back, power unit INC ($14.5bn) and HPE ($7.7bn) currently have slightly smaller combined quarterly revenues than IBM ($22.4bn). The previous power unit was larger.

Either way, Facebook has clearly been the largest success on my chart. In Gregorian calendar month 2015, its quarterly revenues of $3.9bn created it seem like a youngster during a ocean of sharks.

 Within the same quarter this year, Facebook's revenues were simply a fraction in need of $13bn, that place it previous Lenovo ($12.9bn), Cisco ($11.9bn), HPE ($7.7bn), Qualcomm ($6.1bn) and Amazon's AWS ($5.1bn).

Facebook has currently become the IBM of social networking, even as Microsoft became the IBM of software package, Intel became the IBM of processors, Cisco became the IBM of routers, Oracle became the IBM of databases, and Google became the IBM of the net. If it's any consolation, IBM - that accustomed be the IBM of everything - remains the IBM of mainframes.

My Gregorian calendar month 2015 post additionally enclosed a bar graph of the quarterly profits created by an equivalent firms. you'll assume, correctly, that Apple remains dominant these days. It created a profit of $20.1bn within the latest quarter, that is near some rivals' total revenues.

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