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$1,145 iPhone X Case!!

Today I'm gonna be showing you guys something this is an iPhone case inside this box it's not really a case case but it's like sort of a case edge case I like a bumper like kind of when you go bowling and there's bumpers and the lanes that you can actually buy munich at the point .

So this company is called gray and they sent me this I get a lot of requests to send iPhone cases and people want me to show them on my youtube channel and usually there's not much that you can innovate with an iPhone case .

This is an iPhone case that is very expensive very very expensive it costs more than my phone basically cost more than my life I feel like I don't even feel worthy that I should be touching it what I'm gonna open it let us unbox look at this .

I feel like I'm not gonna do this justice because they sent me this note that is explaining what this is if the titanium body shrouded in the PVD coat in order to create the rose gold edition one of only 100 available world one of only 100 Wow Wow even graved a unique serial number as a reminder banks passivity Wow so Wow okay this is pretty cool .

so let's put it on like on the website they were talking about how this is like aerospace-grade material it is so fancy how does this even go on will it protect my iPhone from a drop what's in here oho look at this you've got other little bumpers to put on too .

so I guess I just try to put this on my phone and see what happens so I feel like this is something that I would probably put on my phone if I'm going out to like a red carpet really super fancy event I like to dress my phone up you usually worry about my phone case more than the outfit that I'm wearing and that sometimes backfires by the time .

I get to a red carpet everyone is looking super fancy and I'm like priorities might are skewed yeah I guess this just goes on like that and then this goes on over top of it how is this secure is it secure Oh baby wow you look good oh yeah so the little bumpers have other colors .

but I feel like the black isn't where I wanted to I love rose gold jewelry like it is probably my favorite as you can tell by the decor on my body but this looks really good and even like the background of my phone and it looks pretty awesome I will say that it's so good to see my phone again it's usually just covered in a case I mean it has a nice little case .

but I can put it in when I'm not using it what are you guys is this crazy does it look good I mean is it basically jewelry from my phone this is it looks like I have a twenty five of a hundred of them made like you can't even say that this doesn't look cool because it does .

 I mean it definitely looks good it's very light so it's not like it's weighing down my phone will it protect it because I feel like if I drop this there pretty snug but I guess that's that's it I don't I don't really know how much else I can say about it 

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