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Teacher ARRESTED at School Board Meeting

A teacher in Pelican State was in remission at a faculty meeting in the week for the crime of... questioning the college Board.

Deyshia Hargrave’s arrest has attracted widespread outrage on social media. The 12-minute video shows the teacher being shoved to the ground and dragged from the meeting in handcuffs. Watch the video below.

This meeting was contentious because the Board was discussing a replacement contract for the district’s Superintendent — a contract that enclosed a $30,000 raise. Deyshia Hargrave created the case that the Board mustn't approve the contract as a result of the district’s academics had been denied raises for years.

Ms. Hargrave had the crowd’s support, however nonetheless, the Board voted 5-3 to approve Superintendent Doctor of the Church Puyau contract, ignoring the facet of the raise within the method. 

Ms. Hargrave ironed any, and demanded to understand why Puyau would settle for a raise whereas the academics received nothing. But, the Board President — Anthony Fontana — wasn’t inquisitive about holding Ms. Hargrave speak.

After associate uncomfortable standoff, Ms. Hargrave agrees to go away. Then, as presently as she’s out the door, Ms. Hargrave is in remission. She was removed for “disruption” albeit she was doing nothing however speaking sedately the complete time.

Comments on the video of Ms. Hargrave's arrest are firmly on her aspect. And, on weekday morning, the Pelican State Association of Educators issued a press release in support.

The incident conjointly garnered the eye of the ACLU.

Deyshia Hargrave's expulsion from a public meeting and resulting arrest ar unacceptable and lift serious constitutional considerations. 

The Constitution prohibits the govt from arduous or retaliating against folks for expressing their views, and also the incontrovertible fact that a school teacher was in remission at a public meeting of the college board is particularly distressing.

The ACLU of Pelican State can still investigate this incident and defend the constitutional rights of all Louisianans. we have a tendency to urge anyone whose rights are profaned to contact United States of America.

In interviews ensuing day, Board President Anthony Fontana defended the arrest.

If a tutor has the authority to send a student, UN agency is acting up and he or she cannot management, out of the schoolroom to the principal's workplace, below our policy we've constant rules. we've sure rules: three-minute speech, it's to be civilized, it cannot get off track, it's to be associated with the problem before the board. that is not what was happening last night.

When asked if the handcuffing was necessary, Fontana same this concerning the officer.

He did precisely what he was employed to try and do. He followed the procedures utterly. She's the one UN agency created the alternatives that got her in remission.

It seems, the Marshall UN agency in remission her may be a college resource officer. He’s utilized by the college Board and wasn't acting in any official capability on behalf of enforcement. In fact, the town professional and prosecuting officer told reporters he won’t be prosecuting the teacher. He same neither he or the college Board want to pursue any charges.

What does one consider the teacher's arrest? allow us to understand within the comments
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