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Neil deGrasse Tyson just hilariously dunked on Trump’s suspicious “health exam” results

Actual stable genius Neil deGrasse Mike Tyson simply trolled Trump with effortlessly and while not breaking a sweat. (The sweat is from before.)

Presumably once a physical exercise, the uranologist proclaimed his height and weight then challenged the White House to spin that the method they did the President’s stats.

If deGrasse Mike Tyson weighs in at 260 pounds and still seems this comparatively trim, then that raises some questions about however credible  Trump’s according 239 pounds very is.

Maybe he’s simply engineered otherwise.

The White House doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, delivered the stats in an exceedingly news conference once administering a physical examination to the President last week. 

He cited “no concerns” regarding the President’s physical and mental fitness. He according the President’s 239 pound weight on his 6′ 3″ frame, that is one pound below formally fat.

He conjointly has elevated pressure level, overall sterol. and unhealthy sterol.

After the press making known cathartic this data, a “girther” movement began spreading on social media, inhabited by those Americans skeptical of the President’s actual weight.

This recalled Trump’s old obsession with President Obama’s place of birth- dubbed the “Birther” movement – that semiconductor diode to a years-long campaign for Obama to unleash his certification to prove he was yankee.

Neil deGrasse Mike Tyson gently trolled the Trump administration for over possible bending the reality, exploitation Trump’s favorite weapon – Twitter – against him.

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