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Meghan Markle Fulfills All Our Royal Family Dreams by Deleting Her Social Media Accounts

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I have plenty of dreams of living the royal life. you'll marry a handsome patrician (like patrician Harry), you'll sleep in a castle and have guards waiting on your each whim and of course— dream of all dreams — you get to finally delete your damned social media accounts. 

You’re instantly famous! You don’t got to promote squat! That’s my dream, and it’s the dream that Meghan Markle has accomplished! Meghan Markle, congratulations!

Oh, the royal dream! No responsibilities bugging you! Wealth on the far side your wildest dreams! Glamour! Beauty! And next time Twitter is mad at Lena River Dunham, I don’t got to say squat! 

That’ll be nice, right? nobody can care what I actually have to mention. I’m not planning to create a nasty joke and have everybody yell at Pine Tree State over it. That’ll be nice.

Oh Meghan Markle, you're living the dream.

Kensington Palace told U.S. Weekly —

“Ms. Markle is grateful to everybody World Health Organization has followed her social media accounts over the years, but as she has not used them for a few time, she has taken the choice to shut them.”

Oh no! however can we have a tendency to get photos of the royalty now!! I’m simply kidding, they’re everyplace. Get off Twitter and browse a book, by dang it!

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