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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's Press Tour Is Bananas

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are absurdly delightful on their press tour for the new film 'Passengers'.

And when the great Prank Wars to promote Passengers, coming soon to theaters everywhere, commenced whose side were you on? Wast thou on the side of Christopher Pratt? Wast thou on the side of Jennifer Lawrence? Or wast thou on the side of the one force in this world that unites all Americans -- the force of prank war fun?

The chemistry between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is ridiculous. 

Things started off goofy enough once Chris Pratt would raise Jennifer Lawrence to look on his Instagram feed, solely to continually realize the simplest way to somehow crop or cowl her face within the photos.

The Battle-Cry has been loud and also the battle continued  on the BBC section Playground Insults wherever the 2 stars tried to offer one another the larger insult, and things got graphic there.

While Chris Pratt was topped the winner, following purpose visited our beloved J. Law as she engaged with Kimmel within the defacing of a bus for Passengers to decision Chris Pratt, dare I say the word here, an “ass”.

And I concern the war isn't nevertheless over...

Oh-- shall this prank war ever cease? and the way fun will Passengers look anyway? it's nice. in spite of WHO wins the prank wars the winners square measure us-- the nice people! The people that get to visualize Passengers and pranks. usually individuals will solely opt for the one!

What does one think about this rabble rousing hootenanny that's the Passengers press tour? allow us to recognize within the comments

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