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Doctor who fled Poland for 'better life' faces deportation

Doctor World Health Organization fled Republic of Poland together with his family forty years agone for a ‘better life’ within the United States of America is in remission by ICE agents and will be deported back to the country he left as a THREE-year-old

A doctor in Michigan was in remission at his home by ICE agents and captive Tuesday.

Lukasz Niec, 43, faces deportation to his birth country, Poland. The doctor, his sister and his folks left Republic of Poland and came to the United States of America in 1979 for a 'better life'.

The married father-of-two could be a well-known doctor at Bronson Methodist Hospital .
Family thinks he was in remission for 2 law-breaking convictions from once he was seventeen for destruction of property and receiving and concealing taken merchandise .

Niec pleaded guilty to the fees underneath the Holmes immature beginner Act however ICE doesn't acknowledge the plea agreement, his woman and sister aforementioned .

A Polish doctor in Michigan, World Health Organization fled to the United States of America together with his family nearly forty years agone, faces deportation to his birth country once he was in remission at his home by ICE agents and thrown in jail.

Lukasz Niec, World Health Organization features a permanent positive identification, was home together with his 2 daughters Tuesday morning once 3 Immigration and Customs social control agents showed up, placed him in handcuffs and took him to jail. 

The 43-year-old general medicine MD at Kalamazoo's Bronson Methodist Hospital has spent the past many days at the Calhoun County jail awaiting his fate.

Niec's family told WOOD TV that there is an opportunity the doctor may well be deported to Republic of Poland, a rustic he left together with his folks and sister nearly forty years agone. 

Iwona Niec-Villaire aforementioned her brother is 'shell-shocked' concerning being in remission and also the chance he is also deported.

 'We did go see him on weekday, he was shaking,' she said

Niec-Villaire, Associate in Nursing professional person, told the outlet that her family left Republic of Poland in 1979 for a 'better life'. She aforementioned her brother was 3 years recent at the time and this is often the sole home he is ever better-known. 

'He cannot (go) back to Republic of Poland, a rustic he does not understand, he has no family at, each our folks passed on to the great beyond within the us, he does not understand anyone, he would not understand wherever to travel,' she said. 'He does not even speak Polish.' 

The family aforementioned they need not been told why Niec was in remission, however they believe it stems from a law-breaking arrest once he was seventeen. 

According to WOOD TV, Niec has 2 law-breaking convictions for destruction of property but $100 and receiving and concealing taken merchandise. 

He pleaded guilty to the fees underneath the Holmes immature beginner Act, that permits young 1st time offenders to avoid a record if they ne'er offend once more. 

The family aforementioned Niec was unaware once he accepted the plea agreement that ICE doesn't honor it. 

'Now, they are exploitation this expunged case that is sealed private record against him,' Niec-Villaire told WWMT.

Niec may get a bond hearing in Gregorian calendar month however his family thinks a decide can deny bond owing to the misdemeanors. If it's denied, Niec can stay in jail till it's set whether or not he will come back home or be deported. 

'Until this gets detected, that may well be up to 6 months, he may well be stuck in an exceedingly room and not serving to and being together with his family,' Niec-Villaire told WWMT.

His wife, Rachelle Burkart-Niec, added: 'He's a superb MD, he is charmed, he is caring, he is Associate in Nursing honorable husband and he is continually serving to others.' The couple has 2 kids. 

Niec's colleagues at Bronson ar angry at matters and hope he won't be separated from his family.    

'He's precisely the quite person our immigration policies ought to be encouraging to prosper here, he is been here for forty years, this is often a ridiculous scenario,' Dr. archangel Raphelson aforementioned.

Marc Asch, Associate in Nursing immigration professional person in town, told WWMT within the last year ICE has been going once cases it would not have created a priority within the past.

'These days there is less discretion being exercised in World Health Organization they're going once, they are being a lot of aggressive, typically speaking,' he said.

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