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Cary girl, 6, dies days after flu diagnosis

CARY, NC (WTVD) -- A 6-year-old Cary lady diagnosed with the influenza on Tuesday died Friday night once being rush by automobile from her home to WakeMed in Raleigh.

The overtime of Emily Muth left her oldsters and her 8- and 10-year-old brothers afraid and heartsick.

"Devastated. however may that even happen? I mean sooner or later she's fine, you know, and that i mean she had the fever and she or he was a bit painful," her mother Rhonda Muth told ABC11

"Other than that, I mean, she had had the fluid nose and cough like typical, you know, and so she's gone. It's atrocious. i do not want this on anybody."

The girl's father, Nathan Muth, said, "The influenza isn't any joke straight away. it is a plague in America."

The parents aforesaid that once Emily initial got sick Tuesday, they took her to associate degree imperative care in Cary.

A influenza take a look at came back positive.

Her mater was given a prescription for Tamiflu and was told to stay her hydrous.

By Thursday her fever was still up and down by abundant nearer to traditional than 2 days earlier.

BREATHING hassle intense

But on Friday her respiratory was labored associate degreed at hour her mother referred to as an automobile.

She says the paraprofessional told her the labored respiratory was a typical symptom of the influenza which he thought her female offspring would be OK.

"He asked North American nation you recognize, 'We will take her.' And, you know, they are the medical personnel. I trust what they grasp. and that they aforesaid she was fine." Rhonda Muth aforesaid.

But hours later, things modified quickly.

"She was respiratory a bit bit heavier. and every one of fast she simply raised up and went go into reverse. 
I went, 'Emily, Emily.' and that i noticed  she wasn't respiratory," her mother aforesaid at her Cary home.

She referred to as 911 once more.

Paramedics showed up quickly and took over cardiopulmonary resuscitation, however by the time they have to be compelled to WakeMed it had been too late.

'COULD a lot of are DONE?'

"Could a lot of are done?" Her father asked.

Nathan Muth then side, "You grasp you mostly suppose that. you recognize what I mean? If that they had aforesaid, 'Get to the hospital.' What may are done? The automobile that was referred to as that Friday morning, they saw her state."

Muth and his woman aforesaid, however, they're not bitter. however they're obtaining influenza shots for his or her 2 boys - one thing Emily did not have.

And they merely need different oldsters to bear in mind and do an equivalent.

"So several stories on-line of individuals that flu-tested negative and children square measure death 2, 3 days later, 17-year olds, 5-year olds, 10-year olds, however you ne'er suppose it's reaching to strike a chord," Nathan Muth aforesaid.

Through tears, her mother aforesaid, "She was an honest lady. everyone white-haired her.

"Just take it day by day," she side. "She'll forever be with North American nation."
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