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These stunning portraits of black girls rocking their natural hair are a must-see.

Atlanta-based CreativeSoul Photography brought AN ennobling inventive vision to life that highlights the sweetness of black women and their natural hair.

Regis and Kahran area unit the husband-and-wife pair behind the photography studio, and their series "Afro Art" represents their experience in capturing portraits furthermore as visual storytelling. The hanging pictures feature young women in elaborate costuming and hairstyles, from a Baroque-era aesthetic to steampunk covering to fierce high-fashion ensembles.

The girls featured in "Afro Art" area unit fashionable and carry themselves confidently and charm. the emotions induced from the series speak to the larger plan encompassing it.

 “We feel that it's thus necessary for teenagers of color to be able to see positive pictures that appear as if them within the media,” Kahran told My trendy Met in AN email. 
“Unfortunately the dearth of diversity typically plays into the stereotypes that they're not ‘good enough’ and infrequently forces children to own low vanity.”

To help combat these negative feelings, the couple showcases children WHO love however they appear.

“We hope that viewers can see the sweetness and flexibility of Afro hairdo hair,” Kahran explains, “and we tend to hope that women round the world are going to be impressed to like their distinctive variations and wonder among.”

"Afro Art" came along from CreativeSoul’s travels:

“We worked on these series in varied states within the US (New royalty, California, Texas, Georgia). In every state, we tend to created a distinct theme and came up with covering items and accessories that went therewith theme.”

Although meticulous in preparation, the pair still left some area for naturalness. “On set, we tend to simply titled everything on the fly and worked with our styler to make distinctive appearance for every model.”

See however the various themes close to form one magnificently shot and titled series.

In their series "Afro Art," CreativeSoul Photography captures hanging portraits of women WHO area unit rocking their natural hair.

They feature black women WHO wear elaborate Baroque-esque ensembles …

... furthermore as steampunk-inspired outfits …

And many other styles .....

The overall goal of "Afro Art" is to point out children of color a lot of those who appear as if them within the media.

“We hope that women round the world are going to be impressed to like their distinctive variations and wonder among,” Kahran explains.

This piece originally appeared at My Modern Met and is reprinted here with permission.

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