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These five programming languages have flaws that expose apps to attack

Even software package that has been engineered with secure development procedures should be susceptible to attack, as a result of flaws within the taken programming languages they rely upon.

IOActive investigator Fernando Arnaboldi discovered ultimately week's Black Hat Europe conference that serious flaws in interpreters for 5 widespread programming languages place applications parsed by them in danger.

Arnaboldi found, as an example, that Python has "undocumented strategies and native atmosphere variables which will be used for OS command execution".

NodeJS, a JavaScript interpreter, meantime may leak file contents through error messages it outputs, whereas JRuby, the Java implementation of Ruby, "loads and executes remote code on a perform not designed for remote code execution".

For Perl, Arnaboldi cites the flexibility of its typemaps perform, enclosed in its default set of modules, to execute code. whereas in PHP, sure native functions will be passed a constant's name to perform a distant command execution.

He believes these vulnerabilities might are caused by tries to modify software package development.

"The vulnerabilities ultimately impact regular applications parsed by the affected interpreters; but, the fixes ought to be applied to the interpreters," he noted.

"With regards to the taken programming languages vulnerabilities, software package developers might unwittingly embody code in AN application which will be utilized in the simplest way that the designer failed to foresee. a number of these behaviors create a security risk to applications that were firmly developed in line with pointers," wrote Arnaboldi.

The investigator discovered the failings victimization the XDiFF, a 'differential fuzzer' he created and targeted at many interpreters for various languages.

For JavaScript, targets enclosed Google's v8 JavaScript engine, and Microsoft's ChakraCore equivalent, Mozilla's SpiderMonkey, and NodeJS, and Node-ChakraCore.

In PHP, he hairy  PHP and HHVM, whereas for Ruby the targets enclosed Ruby and JRuby. He additionally hairy  Perl, ActivePerl, CPython, PyPy, and Jython.

As he is antecedently observed, the analysis shows that applications will suffer from security problems once victimization sure options from programming languages.

"There square measure variety of potentialities to be abused in numerous implementations that would have an effect on secure applications. There square measure surprising situations for the taken programming languages parsing the code in JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby," Arnaboldi wrote.
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