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Has your iPhone started randomly crashing today? Here's why and how to fix it

Have you detected your iPhone - or iPad or iPod bit - bally today? you are not alone. And yes, it's another weird, random iOS bug that is answerable.

Forum user Eccanz describes the matter overrun on the Apple support forum:

Woke up this morning and my iPhone began to restart by itself. I will use it to form calls while not issue, however apps and text messages need to be fast Before it quickly restarts to a black screen and therefore the spinning star issue before it's fine for one more minute.

In the run-up to the crash, handsets square measure rumored to heats up perceptibly.

The problem it appears could be a bug in iOS eleven that causes processor usage to spike to one hundred pc once apps generate a notification. This causes the device to heat up, which, in turn, causes a reset.

Annoying. fortuitously, there is a fix. And it comes within the sort of iOS eleven.2. And Apple appears to possess already documented this on its support site:

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod bit unexpectedly restarts

If your device with iOS eleven unexpectedly restarts repeatedly on or when Dec a pair of, 2017, learn what to try and do.

Use these steps to show off notifications for all the apps on your device, then update your device to iOS eleven.2:

1. faucet Settings > Notifications.

2. Tap an app, then shut down enable Notifications. Repeat this step for every app.

3. Update your device to iOS eleven.2.

4. when change, faucet Settings > Notifications and switch enable Notifications on once more for every app.

If you are unable to update or still have problems when the update, contact Apple Support.

Published Date: Dec a pair of, 2017

If you are regarding|inquisitive about|fascinated by} knowing a lot of about this drawback, this post on Reddit could be a smart browse. If you simply need the matter mounted, follow the steps made public higher than.
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