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Google lifts lid on FBI data requests: Now you can read actual letters online

Google has distended the National Security Letter section of its Transparency Report with new samples of National Security Letters (NSLs) that it's received from the law enforcement agency and is currently cleared to disclose.

The new segment for NSLs consists of 3 columns with links to the NSL itself, the date the NSL was issued, and a link to the corresponding law enforcement agency unleash letter.

 The foremost recent unleash letter is dated Sep twenty five 2017, and considerations a 2015 request for access to a Google Voice account.

As the unleash letters spell out, the law enforcement agency issued the NSL beneath the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) with a non-disclosure demand. 

The revealed letters square measure for instances wherever the law enforcement agency has reviewed the court order and determined it's now not necessary, one thing that became allowable beneath the 2015 USA Freedom Act.

The release letter permits Google to come to a decision to disclose that it received the NSL on an explicit date, beside the client accounts the law enforcement agency wanted data on.

The law enforcement agency requests that the name and telephone number of the law enforcement agency agent is redacted, that Google has done. Google conjointly redacted the user accounts, however still shows the merchandise concerned.

The earliest NSL it's revealed is from 2009 regarding many Gmail accounts. It needed Google to show over the name, address and length of service for every account. 

You can now read through the National Security Letters that Google has received over the years and been cleared by the FBI to disclose.

Image: Google

The law enforcement agency upraised the court order on Gregorian calendar month thirty 2017.

The new section follows Google's call to post links on a diary to ten NSLs it's received over the years.

So far Google has revealed twenty five NSLs and their corresponding law enforcement agency unleash letters. the corporate plans to update the section with a lot of over time.

Google conjointly rumored that between January to Gregorian calendar month 2017 it received nineteen,176 government requests to get rid of seventy six,714 items of content. This was up twenty % on the last half of 2016.

It's also accessorial a deep-linking feature to the positioning to assist users bookmarker and share numerous charts within the report. This feature works by making a definite uniform resource locator once users type knowledge by country, fundamental quantity, and alternative classes.
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