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​Firefox Quantum: 170 million installs so far, as more Chrome users jump ship

Firefox maker Mozilla is touting early figures that counsel its overhauled browser, Quantum, is winning new users from Chrome.

Since Quantum's unharness a month agone, there are forty four % a lot of downloads from Chrome users compared with this point last year, per Mozilla.

It conjointly says a hundred and seventy million folks worldwide have already put in Firefox Quantum. The figures provide early hope that Mozilla's multi-year effort to modernize Firefox pays off.

While the Firefox Quantum's massive discipline changes solely created its desktop browser lighter and quicker, Mozilla conjointly reports a twenty four % increase in Firefox installs on iOS and golem.

Meanwhile, installs of its tracker-repelling mobile browser, Firefox Focus, square measure up forty eight % on golem and iOS.

Firefox senior vp Mark mayonnaise told ZDNet web site CNET he's excited by the "halo effect" the desktop overhaul has on mobile. Most daily Firefox users square measure on desktop however its future can {increasingly|progressively|more and a lot of} depend upon winning more mobile users.

It will be fascinating to check however and whether or not this early surge in installs interprets into visible changes in Firefox's performance in browser market share trackers like Statcounter and NetApplication's NetMarketShare. presently every firm solely displays figures to Nov.

Mayo aforesaid Firefox would wish to "absolutely kill it" for the full of 2018 to deliver real amendment.

Growth in installs and actual usage are going to be necessary for Mozilla's revenues, that helped bankroll the Firefox overhaul. Its revenue comes primarily from search deals with Google, Yandex, and till recently, Yahoo.

Mozilla unconcealed this month its revenues reached a record high of $520m in 2016. These finances conjointly facilitate support Mozilla's broader healthy net comes, crusade for privacy, openness, and internet neutrality.

Just days before Quantum's launch, Mozilla proclaimed it absolutely was change Firefox's default program from Yahoo back to Google for U.S.A. users.

The non-profit is currently in proceedings with Yahoo Holdings and Verizon's Oath. Mozilla terminated the five-year Yahoo contract 2 years early.
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