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Women Takes SELFIE with Sister While She's in Labor

Becoming an aunt is fun. Having a new person to love, someone to spoil, and the joy of seeing your sibling happier than ever are typically some of the greatest parts of welcoming a new niece or nephew to the world. 

For one new aunt, there was great joy found not only in the new baby coming into the world, but in the pain her sister went through. Kat Armendariz posted a selfie on July 2nd with a smile on her face. Behind her, you can see Armendariz’s sister in labor with a look of pure agony. 

Many people got upset about the photo, saying she is taking too much joy in her sister’s pain, but Armendariz told Mashable her sister gave her the okay to take the pic and even thought it was funny.

What do you guys think? Would you be cool with someone taking a selfie with you in pain while you’re in labor? Let us know in the comments or at @shorafamhamad1 on Twitter!
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