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IPhone X Drop Test!

 At the end of the day what the heck let's do it anyways the iPhone 10 drop test this ridiculously priced device is it costs a fortune you know you don't want to break it but in this video I want to see how durable is it this thing is made of stainless steel which is a material .

Apple doesn't use very often in their products especially on the outside it makes it look beautiful but how's the durability of it on the front back we've got the most durable glass .

Apple says on any smart phone ever so we'll have to see that as well and we've already tested it with the iPhone 8 but I wanted to go ahead and throw that in here as a reference point so the iPhone 10 versus a normal smartphone is it more or less durable so believe it or not this thing costs about five hundred and seventy nine dollars to replace out of warranty and a screen repair is a little under three hundred dollars so you don't want to break the display on this thing definitely protect it .

Before we get into testing the glass so that would be a good test to throw in there anyways with a case on it's , we're just gonna drop it onto the back see if the internals get shaken or anything like that .

I just opened this thing I do not want to break it believe me guys I I sympathize with all of you guys seeing this it hurts but I need to see the durability and by the way with an in warranty cost with Apple Care Plus it's only $29 so it's not so bad at all even if you break it best insurance or best case you can get is Apple Care Plus but alright so my gosh I just got this thing here we go so I'll actually do the eight first this is glass front back as well so pretty standard here we'll do a side from about head height and this guy so head height they're fine I'm just gonna drop them a couple more times real quick on the back so Oh that's loud and both are still all right you know with a case you're pretty much protected I just wanted to see with the shake traveling through the phone how would it affect it and it seems to be all right okay so let's pop them out of their cases and test the glass now so nervous I feel like I'm gonna break this thing before even uh start testing it with but I am kind of curious how will how will the stainless steel absorb the impact compared to aluminum which is you know a lot softer and it seems to just bend when you drop it all right so let's start with the waist height impact this is about three feet or so and on the rear and three two one that's the iPhone eight oh it's fine got a scratch on it from earlier but otherwise it's okay and to be much heavier iPhone 10 this is one of the heaviest iPhones Apple has produced I believe since the 4 and 4s series thicker too so it might actually be worse for dropping three to one please please please okay we're good here I just feel like these things are so damn fragile but the color is a little different I noticed versus the 8 it's a little darker interesting okay so site impact here from waist height 3 2 1 I can see that one's alright and I'll move it aside and up 3 2 1 [Applause] Oh hurts me to do this how does the bottom looks um honestly and not seeing any scratches little tiny scuff here this space gray color is really holding up pretty well this one has got a dent already some scuff inch here I would say the iPhone kind of absorbs that a little bit better and the front-facing and three to one it's alright and the ten three to one [Applause] Wow that bounces it is fine those still responding so normal day-to-day drops which I hope you guys never have to experience but they always seem to come out of their most random times are fine on both of these they did survive so let's go a little bit higher to a head height here and try them out and this is where most of these phones start to fail right so about head height here for the iPhone eight and three two one I think that's broken yep completely shattered so about Ted Heights five feet you're gonna see damage on your phone that's where you really need a case but the new glass is actually pretty awesome because it doesn't really stick out as much so cool otherwise it is working here on the front and the ten here in three two one please oh wow alright I don't know what that could be honestly the camera is a little bit wider it's different not as flat here could have something to do with it this thing looks fantastic for being dropped from head height this stainless steel border is seriously tough Wow okay displays are still working so let's continue on both let's do these side-impact here in three two one oh that took a chunk out of there it actually bent the whole bottom of the phone you can see it's a little warped but it's still holding up pretty well I'm impressed I've never tested the eight in a drop so this is a first for me and it's doing pretty well okay the ten okay please don't break but in three two one I've kind of half on the side from the front but still look at that it has held up marvelously and the scuffs just seemed to wipe away it's like amazing how durable this stainless steel is still working perfectly that leaves a face down from head Heights misses the eight first three two one I don't know oh wow welcome surprised they're still working to back is demolished so Tidwell please three two one wow that jumps definitely a something to do this thing with steel it seems to absorb and push out that energy differently than aluminum and wow I can't believe it that has survived the most brutal tests and is still working and compared to the iPhone eights even the back to survive of course it's a lot to do a chance and all but I definitely put these things through a difficult trial and the iPhone 10 did come out in first place it's heavier thicker seems to be tougher with that stainless steel I am so impressed and honestly I think that this thing does absorb the energy differently I see that it bounces more it it honestly seems like it's a much more durable material and I love it I love how it looks if you look at the scratches you really can't see much I just dropped this thing repeatedly and still looks pretty dang good that's impressive Wow that ball has got a winner on their hands and the frame has it bent at all that's amazing so iPhone 10 seems to be one of the most durable phones I have ever tested in a drop that's pretty incredible honestly I don't want to break this phone so I don't know about dropping it from higher alright guys so there is the drop test I'm honestly very surprised with the outcome I thought that this thing would break much sooner but I honestly don't want to break it there's no reason to I've had a lot of fans tell me why would you drop it at overhead height you know average about five six feets there's really no need to because most people won't be dropping it from that height so I think I'll end the test here but it did leave me with a very solid conclusion the seamless steel is more durable the displays really held up it might honestly be because there isn't a home button down here another point of area I see the breakage out it's a very flat slab of glass seems to be pretty even that could be why the back held up pretty well I'm very impressed then mostly impressed with just how scratch-resistant the stainless steel border seems to be I literally can't find almost a single little nikkor scratch over here maybe a tiny bit this thing is gonna hold up very well just from regular day-to-day scratches alright guys so I actually have a problem faced ID stopped working after the drops I cannot get it to unlock my face it it won't even try so I'm actually gonna jump into the passcode settings see if it can find it there but face ID will not work the camera yeah look at that the camera doesn't work anymore so I actually so I don't know what's going on but it did just freeze on me face ID is not available yeah so

If you do drop your iPhone and repeatedly like that the face ID could stop working one side of it at least the phone physically did survive but inside something loose or got damaged very interesting haven't seen something like this before so face ID no longer works on this iPhone 10 the camera works but as soon as I get in there to start actually like scanning my face I think that's not working there all right interesting so it didn't completely win but on the physical side yeah it did win the drop test there all right guys so not as durable as I thought .
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