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Android's big problem: Over a billion devices are more than two years out of date

A new analysis of Android's infamous update issues suggests fixing is really obtaining worse over time.

The analysis, by hardware engineer Dan Luu, uses information from Google's developer dashboard to seem at the figures for out-of-date humanoid devices between 2010 and nowadays. He found that the proportion of devices that area unit the foremost out-of-date is even bigger nowadays than in 2014.

Additionally, in 2014, Google had just about passed one billion active monthly users, that rose to one.4 billion by mid-2015, and as of could 2017, that stood at 2 billion. And since the analysis checked out market share, that portion of devices running out-of-date humanoid -- between the 80th- to 100th-percentile mark on his graph -- is additionally currently a lot of larger in absolute terms.

As he notes, one obvious reason for the existence of additional devices running recenter versions of humanoid is that some active devices area unit currently a decade old. Presumably, these area unit those chargeable for keeping cake, discharged in could 2010, and frozen dessert Sandwich from Gregorian calendar month 2011 still on Google's humanoid version distribution chart.

But Luu's graph conjointly shows that uptake of recent versions of humanoid seems to be swiftness down. This development may be attributable to humanoid growth swiftness, comparatively fewer folks upgrading to new devices, or that fewer devices area unit receiving updates.

His graph conjointly highlights that there area unit currently over a billion devices that area unit 2 years out of date.

That estimate roughly matches Google's most up-to-date humanoid distribution figures, that were updated some days agone for the week ending on Nov. 9. Two-year-old humanoid Lollipop and below currently account for concerning 1/2 all humanoid devices.

As humanoid Authority noted on, adoption of the most recent version of humanoid has been swiftness with every refashion for the past few releases. One reason is folks reportedly holding on to their existing devices for extended. Meanwhile, vendors area unit still launching new devices with pre-Oreo humanoid.

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Google's Project Treble guarantees to assist speed up merchandiser releases of recent humanoid versions, however the advantages of this technology can most likely take many years, since solely devices that ship with humanoid cookie will cash in of it. And device makers got to meet many needs to modify Treble.
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