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6 emotional music videos that made the star cry

Tears are not continually a proof of sorrow. they will mirror anger, relief, worry and even happiness, and that is why they have been such a helpful addition to the pop video director's arsenal of things singers will do on camera.

A few drops down the cheek will bring home the emotional intensity of a song in visual terms, in a lot of a similar means as a vocal sob or grain of huskiness, or something that means the performing artist is not any longer fully management of their emotions and has had to surrender to the instant.

Here area unit many key examples:

1. Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U

The original intention for this, the foremost picture example of crying in a very music video, was already pretty intense.

 Director John Maybury centered in on Sinéad O'Connor's face, desiring to cut between her performance and a few sombre shots during which she strolls mournfully round the Parc Delaware Saint-Cloud in Paris. 

Whereas singing the lyrics - that flit between anguish and devotion - she began to consider her mother Marie, somebody with whom she had had a fractious relationship, and whom she would later accuse of abusing her violently as a toddler. 

Marie had died in a very automotive crash once Sinead was nineteen.

As she reached the road, "All the flowers that you just planted, Mama / within the curtilage / All died once you went away," her face crumpled and 2 tears expended her cheeks, at that purpose John Maybury completed he would not would like as several of these moody Paris shots in the end. 

Sinéad later told Rolling Stone: 
"I did not intend for that moment to happen, however once it did, I thought, 'I ought to let this happen.'"

2. Michael Jackson - She's Out of My Life

Years before Sinéad let her feelings burden, another singer Sabbatum on a soundstage, enclosed by crew and instrumentality and cameras, feeling to a small degree bit lost and vulnerable. Michael Jackson was taking his initial steps off from being a amazingly mature kid performing artist - with songs concerning yard crushes and oddity - and into the globe of advanced adult emotions. 

Within the case of She's Out of My Life, these would come with despair and regret to such a profound degree that he struggled to complete one take of the song while not breaking down in tears, and would later write that he felt "so wealthy in some experiences whereas being poor in moments of true joy".

In the CD pamphlet for the re-released Off the Wall - the album the song is on - producer American Revolutionary leader Jones later recalled: 
"When we have a tendency to recorded it with Michael, i do know it had been associate degree expertise he'd ne'er even considered to sing in a very song, 'cause it is a terribly mature feeling. And he cried at the top of each take, you know. we have a tendency to recorded concerning - i do not know- 8-11 takes, and each one at the top, he simply cried, and I said, 'Hey, that is speculated to be, leave it on there.'"
Consequently, once Michael came to record the video, that could be a sedate affair - simply him in a very darkened space emoting for all he's price - the tears came as they continually had. there is a very little edit to spare his blushes, however it will nothing to minimize the emotional intensity.

3. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

The video that launched m think-pieces, Wrecking Ball is usually singled out for its over-literal use of a swinging metal ball being ridden by a unadorned Miley prince, WHO goes on to lick a sledgehammer in a very means that's, frankly, unhygienic. 

It caused without stopping of fuss concerning the utilization of sexualised representational process in pop videos, and in this sense it singularly failing in its one job - to support the affectional depth of the song it illustrates.

But it will begin with the stunning shot of a tearful Miley singing the primary verse direct to camera against a white background. In fact, Wrecking Ball the song has moved  its singer to tears on various occasions, and though this has been attributed to the breakup of her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, Miley told KISS radio in city that her tears on the day of the shoot were deliberate:
 "When i used to be on the video set, i used to be brooding about my dog that had died, that is that the worst factor that has ever happened to American state... I unbroken brooding about that after I was attempting to cry as a result of it's ton of} awkward really crying ahead of a space packed with individuals than you'd assume swinging naked on a wrecking ball is; it is a lot a lot of uncomfortable to cry and let yourself go together with that feeling."

4. Mary J. Blige - No More Drama

The whole purpose of the video for No a lot of Drama is to place mother J. Blige into many massively displeasing things - as well as violence, gang-related shootings and drug deaths - as a form of musical conscience, providing redemption, strength and knowledge whereas engrossing the emotional heat. 

The center of the song is her call to measure within the lightweight amid attempting times, to depart behind damaging (and dramatic) personal circumstances within the explanation for inner peace, and within the act of doing that, the tears within the video want tears of relief, instead of sorrow.

She told signboard that these sympathetic sobs have continually been a firm a part of her operating method: 
"We cried most on the My Life album. we have a tendency to were thus confused on the Share My World album. we have a tendency to went through plenty along and that we virtually died along, however I found out the way to urge U.S. out of this personal hell we're living in. The No a lot of Drama album was concerning transfer the thrill that I found to any or all those those who were crying with American state."

5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

There's no misanthropic or artful edge to the tears during this video. yea yea Yeahs recorded the promo for his or her 2003 single Maps through the framing device of the film shoot - with a crew sitting concerning wanting bored whereas the band perform and a director audibly shouting directions from behind a camera - however singer Karenic O's real distress worn out the likelihood of this beholding as arch or knowing.

She later told the NME that she had been expecting her then-boyfriend (Angus Andrew of Liars) to show up at the shoot to want her well for the band's tour. 

It would've been associate degree emotional arrivederci because it was, however he was 3 hours late, effort her to perform her band's most tender song whereas feeling abandoned. She said:
 "They were real tears... I did not assume he was even progressing to come back and this was the song that was written for him. He eventually showed up and that i got myself in a very real emotion."

6. Kanye West - Wolves

There is plenty of crying during this video. plenty of crying and plenty of models. Kanye West connected with the style house Balmain to make a monochrome study during which models area unit shunted into position like panopticon dummies, whereas the tears run down his face, and also the faces of Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian, and perhaps even Sia, however it's laborious to inform under it fringe.

Steven Klein directed the video as associate degree exercise in humanity amid inhumanity, the cold options of the models - whose garments area unit much there to be appreciated - different with the immaculately dressed celebrity tears. 

Arguably there is not plenty of real crying on show, however the lyrics area unit fairly desperate, as well as the rather paranoid couplet:
 "You tried to play nice, everyone simply took advantage / You left your refrigerator open, someone simply took a sandwich."

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