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newgersy/ Five components the iPhone 8 needs (yet likely won't get)

newgersy/ Five components the iPhone 8 needs (yet likely won't get) 

While Apple likes to concentrate on making new iPhones lighter, more slender, and quicker, I'd rather the iPhone 8 get these five components. 


Leaving an iPhone connected to for a considerable length of time is inadmissible. There are a lot of top of the line - and not all that top of the line - cell phones that can get a better than average charge in a fourth of 60 minutes, and it's the ideal opportunity for Apple to add this to its premium cell phone. 


There's undoubtedly Gorilla Glass is extreme, however it's still glass. Glass has a propensity for shattering. What's more, with bits of gossip recommending that Apple is putting glass on the back of the iPhone as well - to bolster remote charging - there will be twice as much glass to break. 

A sapphire show would be amazing, yet a truly toughened show, for example, that found on the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 would do fine. 


Apple utilizes layered capacity as an approach to approach oodles of cash for what is basically a couple of dollars worth of additional capacity. Likewise, the absence of a development opening implies that if proprietors hit a capacity divider, well, it's a great opportunity to purchase another iPhone with significantly more stockpiling. 

That is to say, if the tenth-commemoration iPhone 8 is $1,000 or all the more, then Apple ought to be strong and stop nickel-and-diming purchasers for more stockpiling. 


Twelve megapixels isn't generally that much with regards to a camera, and in spite of the way that the Plus rendition of the iPhone has a twin-camera course of action, it's the ideal opportunity for Apple to push the megapixel envelope with the following discharge. 

I realize that picture quality isn't down to recently the quantity of megapixels, however toward the day's end, the more detail caught by the camera, the more detail will be in the photograph, and the all the more preparing and refining that should be possible. 


While 3 gigabytes of RAM as found in the most recent iPhones isn't awful, more RAM would take into account better and smoother multitasking, and also enabling the working framework to prepare higher megapixel photographs and juggle greater records with to a lesser degree an execution hit.
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