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newgersy/ What do PCs, Samsung's Galaxy 8 and Toyota's idea vehicle have in like manner? Remarkable outline

newgersy/ What do PCs, Samsung's Galaxy 8 and Toyota's idea vehicle have in like manner? Remarkable outline 

There's a typical hold back in innovation that outline is battling, various gadget classifications have leveled and equipment simply isn't as energizing as it used to be. 

I can't state I can't help contradicting huge numbers of those focuses, however there are signs that tech players are venturing up their emphasis on plan and receiving the benefits. 

Here are a couple of cases as of late that may demonstrate that better plan is growing past Apple and to whatever is left of the business.

HP's design-juiced surge

In case you missed it, HP is now No. 1 again in the PC industry after ceding the top spot to Lenovo. Meanwhile, Dell is surging too. Why?

Simply put, both companies have stepped up their design game.

HP has noticeably improved its PC design chops with its latest laptops, including the EliteBook x360 (see CNET review). Dell has the XPS 13 2-in-1 that highlights its design ability and ranks among is among CNET's best laptops. Lenovo isn't exactly standing still, but when I'm at Rattle & Hum East in New York City (ZDNet's second office) and having a pint with Mary Jo Foley it's her HP laptop that turns heads.

The design emphasis appears to be paying off based in the IDC figures.



Another tech industry design point will arrive when the Samsung Galaxy 8 hits the market April 21. First, preorders have been above expectations.

In addition, Samsung has launched its DeX smartphone-meets-PC accessory. The DeX is well designed and may even make thin clients something that'll reach beyond the IT department. The smartphone as desktop theme has been tried before, but Samsung's spin along with technology improvements may make it work this time.

The other point: Samsung's edge design, integrated home button and smooth hardware features have apparently put the Galaxy Note 7 disaster in the rear-view mirror. You could always argue that Samsung is just another Android device maker, but its design is what allows the company to charge a premium.

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